Minimalistic Interiors – New Trends in Real Estate


One can take many different approaches, when it comes to designs. This is especially true for interior decorations. One may select a themed design for their house – like a Japanese themed or Medieval themed design. One may opt for expressionism, scattering uncommon looking furniture and abstract art on the walls. A few may even try to optimize the space and try to pack in as much furniture into as little space as possible, with still room for movement. However, one can also choose the complete opposite – a minimalistic design, where the interior design will thrive to look appealing with the bare minimum of furniture.


Minimalism isn’t necessarily a new concept; it all began in the 1950s. However, it seemed to gain momentum quite fast and is still being adopted in modern society. While our country’s senior generation chose to overlook it, the newer generations are now widely adopting it, going for the idea of “less is more”. Minimalism might have taken a while to catch on in our country, but it’s here to stay. But why is it so appealing?

Less Clutter


With a minimalistic interior design, you can expect to find less clutter in your home. While this might mean that you might be losing a lot of storage space, this also means that you won’t be hard-pressed to find a misplaced item. Furthermore, it gives the house a clean look and does not give the impression that you are a hoarder – one who just stores everything without letting go.

More Space


With a minimalistic decor, you are not going to have to strafe or scoot between the furniture to reach somewhere. You will always have some breathing room, enough space to do yoga and exercise – even take that doctor-prescribed walk throughout the house, depending on the size of your apartment.

Cleaner Look


A house crammed with furniture might be space-efficient and more functional, but it never will look clean. It will always look like a warehouse or an office space, with minimum light entering the house, making it look a bit gloomy. A house with a minimalistic design, on the other hand, will look clean and proper without much effort.

Easier Maintenance


If you want your cluttered house to look nice, you are going to have to ensure that all your wooden furniture are varnished, your metal ones polished, everything is dusted, beds are always made, uncouth objects are properly hidden, and much more. With a minimal number of furniture and wall hangings, you will have to do a lot less to maintain the house.

Just Look Out For This:


While all this sounds so appealing, there is one thing to look out for when decorating your home with a minimalistic interior design: make sure it follows a minimalistic design and not just a few furnitures. While they might sound the same, it’s the main difference between having a minimalistic look and looking like you cannot afford enough furniture. Just take time to analyze how a minimalistic design will suit your home decor and consult a professional if necessary.

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