Customer Satisfaction is Our Inspiration


We consider our satisfied customers as the best brand ambassadors of bti Brokerage to help the other potential customers get hassle-free services in buying, selling and renting properties, especially apartments. bti Brokerage has been serving customers with full sincerity and dedication. When our customers are satisfied with our services, we get inspired. The following sections will show why our customers are satisfied with bti Brokerage. 


In around four decades, as a real estate company, bti has gained the trust of more than 6000 happy customers by providing dedicated services. This long experience, dedicated services and commitment of bti have turned its strategic business unit– bti Brokerage as a trustworthy realtor or real estate agent for bd property. Our customer commendation is the testimonial to that. 

Right Price:

People want to buy and rent houses or apartments at the right price in a suitable locality. They browse trustworthy real estate websites and newspapers to find out the approximate prices of properties.  But searching with flats for sale, flats for rent, rooms to rent, house rent in Dhaka, buy flat in Dhaka, land for sale, bd property rent, etc. sometimes they might get confused. bti Brokerage helps them find out, visit and finally buy the flats/apartments at the right price. Before a customer buys or sells an apartment, our brokerage team conducts a market survey on their own accord and fixes a price for the apartment based on that and the negotiation with the seller and the buyer. So none of them has any possibility to be cheated as far as price is concerned. 

Mr. Aminur Rahman bought an apartment at the right price in Uttara through bti Brokerage. Mr. Sheikh Shahidul Islam bought an apartment on Baily Road. He thinks the price at which he bought his apartment through bti Brokerage was best for him. Mr. Sazzad Hossain and his wife Rajia Sultana bought their desired apartment within their financial capability in New Iskaton by the help of bti Brokerage. Mr. Achinta Kumar Biswas sold his apartment at the right price through bti Brokerage. He received the full payment within just 30 days, long before the scheduled time. 

Financial Security:

Many apartment sellers fail to find reliable buyers with whom they can make financial transactions. bti Brokerage assures them to have financial security in this regard. Mr. Achinta Kumar Biswas got all types of help from bti Brokerage not only in selling his old apartment but also buying a new one. He recommends that sellers should take help from bti Brokerage because here they would get financial security. Capt. SK Shahikul Islam sold his apartment within just one and a half month through bti Brokerage. He was paid off the full amount of money within just 7 days.

Logistic Support

In buying and selling your apartment, bti Brokerage helps you in document verification, sale permission, registration and mutation. Ms. Nilima Baral who bought an apartment in Uttara, Mr. Aminur Rahman and Mr. Sazzad Hossain are some of our valued customers who are happy with bti Brokerage as we helped them with all the logistic support for buying their desired apartments. 

Transparency and Hassle-free Services:

bti Brokerage has already established itself as a one-stop solution to buying, selling  and renting apartments, by providing hassle-free services. Mr. Aminur Rahman received everything without any pressure in a hassle-free manner while buying an apartment through bti Brokerage. Ms. Nilima Baral is 100% satisfied with our services and she suggests buying apartment through bti Brokerage because it is an established and trustworthy brokerage. Capt. SK Shahikul Islam initially tried to sell his apartment all by himself. But to avoid all hassles, eventually he sold it through bti Brokerage. Mr. Sheikh Shahidul Islam is satisfied with the help and services he received from bti Brokerage in buying an apartment. Mr. Sazzad Hossain says that in getting his apartment, bti Brokerage helped him complete all the formalities in a hassle-free manner.

Counselling and Refurbishment:

bti Brokerage helps a seller to refurbish his/her apartment for attracting prospective buyers. With the help of bti Brokerage, Mr. Achinta Kumar Biswas arranged his own apartment in an acceptable and good manner, so that his prospective buyer bought it. Capt. SK Shahikul Islam was guided by bti Brokerage about how quickly and more elegantly he could present his apartment to his prospective buyers. Our brokerage team also suggested which paintings to do, how the interior could be decorated, and the other arrangements like how the furniture could be placed to get a beautiful look from a buyer’s perspective. He is thankful to bti Brokerage for providing such services.

bti Brokerage always prioritizes our customers’ satisfaction while providing services. Our customers expressed full satisfaction with the services we provided them. Any compliments from our satisfied customers are a source of inspiration to us, because these are the testimonials to our dedicated hassle-free services in satisfying them. 

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