As a non-resident Bangladeshi, buying or selling property in Bangladesh is a daunting task. But don’t worry! bti Brokerage is here to make it easier for you. From remote property viewing to price negotiating, inspecting property personally to ownership transfer, we do everything we can to smoothen the whole process of your property-selling/buying journey..

Services Offered for NRBs

nrb service

Remote Viewing (Seller + Buyer)

We can give you a virtual tour of the property you’re interested in or we can show your property to the interested buyers.

Property Inspection

We do property inspection for you if you are looking to sell your property. We can inspect and detect if there’s any changes and improvements needed.

Documentation & Legal Expertise

Our team of expert lawyers thoroughly checks and confirms the documents of any property you’re interested in buying or selling, making sure all the paperworks is in order.

nrb service

Home loan

Our reliable team of real estate experts will put in a relentless effort to pair you with our home loan partners to simplify the application process. Please note that you have to have eligibility to secure the home loan on your own.

Financial safeguard

To ensure financial security, we maintain an ESCROW account where the buyer deposits funds. These funds are only transferred to the seller’s account once all documentation processes are duly completed.

Interior design

We believe that a house becomes a home when it reflects your personal style and comfort. Our Interior Design services are aimed at enhancing the aesthetics of your new home to match your unique taste and lifestyle.

Renting & Tenant Management Solution

We understand that managing rent from far away can be very difficult for NRBs. When someone stays abroad and buys property in their home country, they will usually want to rent the property. But, managing rent from abroad can be a problematic task. But, bti Brokerage is here to help you with the right services. We are committed to customer satisfaction and have a proven record of success. You can rely on us to enjoy the best experience. We take care of every detail of your rental property, from finding and promoting tenants to drafting agreements and collecting rent.


As a seller, the moment you enlist your property with us, we start extensive promotion through our website and other social media platforms to ensure maximum exposure

Viewing and contract

After promotional exposure, if any tenant shows interest in the property, we arrange a viewing on behalf of our NRB customer. Then, if the tenant likes the property, we take care of every step, from arranging the signing of the agreement paper to handing over the key

Account Management

Our expert team can help you collect rent from abroad. With our proven track record of success and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, you can trust us to handle all financial aspects of your property with extra care.

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