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Why bti Brokerage Emerged

With the rapid growth of population, Dhaka and other major cities of Bangladesh are becoming densely
populated areas, resulting in accommodation issues. People have various tastes, financial capabilities,
ages, professions, religions, beliefs, aspirations, family-structures, and socio-economic and educational
backgrounds. So, their expectations of accommodation also differ.
It is a very tiresome and time-consuming process for people to find out their appropriate residential or
commercial spaces. Many fraudulent agencies take advantage of this situation. There is a growing need to
provide a hassle-free service in buying, selling, and renting properties. To satisfy this demand, bti brought
in a one-stop brokerage service solution- bti Brokerage.

Major Benefits You Get from bti Brokerage

We have a large database of our 6000+ happy customers that include interested buyers and sellers. We
can help you find out the target buyer, seller and tenant for properties (apartment, house and commercial
space) based on the preferences of both parties. While buying, selling, leasing, and renting any property,
people do not want to be cheated and also want a fair deal. bti Brokerage serves this need by being a
reliable intermediary.

We Help You Plan The Perfect Accommodation

As a potential buyer or tenant, you can choose your home location out of the many prospective projects
we have in our collection. You need to know the size, appearance, and position of the apartment. You also
need to know the price, services, maintenance costs, environment, and whether the location can provide
you daily amenities. You also need to think of how long you will use the property and take into account
its depreciation cost while taking the final decision. bti Brokerage gives you an all-round idea of these
issues based on experience and statistical data analysis, so that it is easy on your part to take decision in
buying or renting a property through bti Brokerage.

Documentation and Legal Assistance by bti Brokerage

We provide you quality assurance documents and legal consultation benefits that make our services
unique. We do not compromise with quality. We help you check utilities, estimated costs, and verify legal
approvals if you are buying apartments through us. When any seller wants to sell a property through bti
Brokerage, we check all required documents and verify them before suggesting to a buyer. Therefore, as a
buyer you can get all legal documents verified by us even if you do not have much idea on the procedures
involved. We charge a nominal percentage only on the seller when his or her apartment is finally sold out.
We operate the same way for someone willing to rent out properties.

Updates of Properties at Your Fingertips

bti Brokerage regularly posts and updates information about properties. We offer for sale and rent, both
on our website and social media. The posts mention the size, type and location of each apartment,
distance from local landmarks, traffic issues, conveniences, contacts and other information. You can also
get information and updates about our services on our official YouTube channel.
bti Brokerage is now a name of trust and reliability in buying, renting and selling your properties
(apartments and commercial spaces). The flexibility and transparency we offer you in getting your desired
accommodation has made us unique. We manage interior design teams and all other accommodation
related things you might need for making your home appropriate for you and your family. We value your
feedback and try our best to make you happy. So, bti Brokerage assures you of flexibility in getting your
desired accommodation.

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