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When life keeps going, we are overwhelmed by means of livelihood- so much so that even the hurdles in finding a flat may loom large sometimes. Not only buying, selling a flat at the right price to a prospective buyer may also involve huge struggle for a seller. A buyer or seller may have acquired immense knowledge about his/her own profession, but not in real estate, realtor, real estate companies, flat price/rate, transfer of property, documentation, and moreover the dealings. If you are in such a situation, do seek assistance from Mr. B, the trustworthy representative of bti Brokerage to help you deal in property without any hassle.

Assistance for Home:

The pursuit of happiness can be delineated to a considerable extent in terms of a befitting home. But owning such a home requires investing time, money and effort adequately.  If you need a flat in Dhaka or Chattogram, you usually search it on the web with terms like- flats for sale in Dhaka, flat for sale in Chittagong, buy flat in Dhaka, etc. When you search flat specifically in Dhaka, you search with terms like- flat sale in Bashundhara, flats for sale in Dhanmondi, flat for sale in Mohammadpur, flat for sale in Gulshan, flat for sale in Mirpur,  Banani flat sale, etc. To know the price/rate of flat in Dhaka, you search with keys like- flat price in Dhaka, flat price in Uttara, etc. For a very small flat you search with- studio apartment in Bashundhara or other locations. If you are interested in buying a bti apartment, you may search with the term- bti flat price in Dhaka. So, you have various types of requirements. Mr. B provides you assistance in finding a flat that serves your needs as a suitable home. Mr. B guides you to make the best use of your time, money and effort to own your desired home. As an expert in dealing in property, he will get you a flat that will be a balance between your capability and feasibility.

Not only buying, if you have decided to put your flat on market, Mr. B will toil to find you a buyer as per your requirements. Usually the huge regularly updated database of buyers and sellers makes it easy for Mr. B to find out the match for buyers and sellers of properties in a short time.

Amenities to Explore:

As the age demands new colours in life, amenities for living have been characterized accordingly. It is quite usual that this generation would influence their family decisions to own a flat based on the amenities there. However, it turns into a dilemma to make the right choice while buying a flat if you are exposed to a deluge of choices. Mr. B will help you gauge the possibilities and shortcomings of the flats with supporting statistics so that you can pick the right flat to spend a quality time with your family members and dear ones.

A Bridge between Sellers & Buyers:

Trust is the backbone of bti Brokerage. While dealing in property, the first concern any flat owner has is whether his prospective buyer would be trustworthy or not. The same way, a flat buyer remains dubious about the prospect of the flat or the authenticity of the flat seller. As a consequence, a gap of understanding is created resulting in diversion between the two parties. But, when Mr. B is there at your service, you can have your work done, be it buying or selling, through him without any hassle.

Logistic Support in Buying and Selling:

In the transfer of property, the 3 most critical things after document verification are sale permission, registration and mutation. These are the phases of transferring ownership of property through legal channels. If you are in need of an expert to handle all these issues for you, Mr. B will provide you with all the required logistic support. So, with Mr. B, dealing in property becomes easy.

Buying or selling property is a big challenge for many clients, both for buyers and sellers/property owners.  If you want to buy a flat, Mr. B will guide you and help you get a home that matches not only your taste and needs but also your budget. He will also provide the logistic support required to this end. You may have a flat, and you have decided to sell it. Getting a prospective buyer needs a huge time and effort that you may not have. Mr. B helps you find a prospective buyer who meets your criteria or requirements. Besides dealing in property, Mr. B also helps in renting and letting flats in Dhaka and Chattogram. He also provides home-shifting service. To get the services you need from Mr. B, just give him a call at 16604 or WhatsApp 01755662414; Mr. B is always there at your service.

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