The Trend of Short-term Rent Out


For various reasons, you can consider renting out some or all of your property temporarily. It might be for financial reasons or a need of having a fuller house, maybe even meeting new people! Many travellers are turning to peer-to-peer, short-term rental platforms as an alternative. Some like to have the comforts of home when they are away from home. Accommodations that can accommodate large gatherings are in demand from others as well. Short-term peer-to-peer rentals appeal to many since they are an affordable alternative to a hotel stay. If you are considering joining the trend then this can be the next best thing for many homeowners!

Plan wisely!

When and how much of your space is readily accessible is entirely up to you. You have complete control over who may stay there. When deciding on pricing, keep in mind the market rate in your region by comparing your expected pay to others. In addition to cleaning and increased energy bills and taxes, you will want to factor in the expenses of accommodating guests, such as the hosting fee. You can charge your visitors a specific percentage of the pay as booking or reservation fee. Make sure you are familiar with all kinds of hosting requirements, which include communicating with guests, keeping reservations, cleaning your home for each visitor, and offering necessities like soap and toilet paper. It is mandatory as once you are in, you have a reputation to maintain! To display your area in the best light, you’ll want to tidy and clean it before taking photos of it. When presenting your property or part of your residence, consider what makes it special from a guest’s perspective from elsewhere. In addition to being listed on various social media groups, your property will have the ability to be promoted exceptionally.

Safety, the Highest Priority

It is unlikely that you will be physically harmed if you lease out your home being present or while you are away. But, anything of sentimental or monetary value that you do not want to lose should be kept in a secure location. If suspiciousness arises you will always have the option to refuse or cancel a reservation. The best thing to do is to install Get Smart by bti security features! A wifi camera can help you keep tabs on your property as well as its surroundings. Gas & smoke sensors, water leakage detectors, smart lock systems are a few of the other things you might consider keeping. Interaction between both parties can be done via text message, direct phone calls, and image exchange through preferred social platforms. However, it might be best to use a third-party mediator such as bti Brokerage to screen your tenants and help you with documentation. This way you can save yourself from legal hassles! Make sure your guest submits a legitimate government-issued ID copy and do not forget to do a background check using a third party. You can ask third-party organizations such as us to carry out inspections of the property. Minimizing visitor safety hazards reduces your chance of being sued by a visitor who is harmed on your premises. Remember basic decency is not enough of a reason for you to keep your location safe for visitors. A bad word of mouth can tarnish what you are trying to grow; safety steps to safeguard them so crossing out every slip or fall risk is also important. So, show no signs of carelessness!

All in all, an increasing number of people are taking the plunge and renting out their homes on social media platforms through rentee & renter online websites. While renting out your house temporarily is a growing trend, there are a few things you should know before jumping on board. If you want to find suitable tenants looking for a short stay, do not hesitate to contact bti Brokerage! Our mascot Mr. B will gladly find you the best flats for rent in Dhaka and Chattogram endowed with the most modern amenities and features.

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