The Impact of Colors in Our Homes


If you have been under the impression that the spectrum of color is only a visual experience, then you are in for a big surprise. Color is a powerful communication instrument that can be used to signal actions, affect moods and impact psychological reactions. From projecting one’s personality to setting the tone of a room- colors have a big impact on human lives. Room color psychology is an integral part of life as it continuously affects the mood and energy level of the occupant. So the relationship between colors and humans is reciprocal in the sense that- while colors project the occupant’s personality, they also influence the feelings of his or her. It also plays a major role in accentuating the furniture and décor of a space, at times, even commanding their make and shape. Therefore, it is important to know the effects of different shades before deciding on which color to paint rooms with.


When choosing the right paint shade, first consider two things-

  1. What mood should be created in the room in question?
  2. Which colors help induce that mood?


The answers to these simple questions will define the parameters of your room canvas. For example, you are painting a living room that has a cheery, pristine mood where people can feel calm and welcome. White is a color that brings calming effects and makes a room feel open and spacious. However, if you were going for comfort and warmth then the color of choice should be the lighter tones of grey or neutral browns.

Keep reading to know the grammar of colors corresponding to the right atmosphere in the right room:


The Bedroom Palette

Bedrooms are places of peace and relaxation. The colors used in bedrooms should have relaxing qualities. Green is known to decrease stress levels and enhance fertility. Blue lowers blood pressure while slowing down respiration and heart rate. Lighter shades of Purple help in creating a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom without making it too cold. These are the best shades for a bedroom to create a peaceful environment. As warm colors, such as orange and red, can contradict the restfulness in bedrooms, they should be avoided.


The Living Room Palette

Living room colors should create a cozy atmosphere that is comfortable and welcome conversation and camaraderie. It is a happy place where good memories with loved ones happen. The palette for this room is versatile as it caters to different moods and purposes. Red pumps up the adrenaline and triggers excitement. Green soothes the eye, combining the refreshing quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow. Blue alone encourages relaxation and calm in softer shades. Again, orange should be avoided as it is a tad too energetic.


The Bathroom Palette

Bathrooms are private places that require peace and calm which can be achieved with yellows, blues and purples. Blue will help you with a relaxing bath while yellow will induce energy. Lighter shades of purple can bring in serenity. Avoid red and orange due to their over-stimulating qualities.


The Kitchen Palette

The kitchen is the heart of a home. It is a space of creativity and family bonding. Pick colors for this room that promote creativity and happiness. Go with yellow for energy, green for coziness, warm blues for moderate relaxation, and purple for sophistication and edge. Avoid shades like black because it is too dramatic and brown because it is inappropriate.


The Dining Palette

Naturally, dining rooms call for colors that enhance appetite. Red draws people together and promotes conversation. Yellow adds positive energy and happy vibes while increasing hunger. Purple brings excitement and luxury. Avoid blue in a dining space because this is not where you want relaxation and bright green can energize too much, making you less inclined to eat.


Once you have decided on what mood to create and which color serves your needs the best, it is time to hunt for décor inspiration. The color of a room’s walls needs to be synergetic with the furniture and décor. A room that lacks the synonymy of color and décor often leaves a feeling of something being amiss. Homes are stories that are a collection of the occupants’ emotions and feelings. Therefore, the right selection of color palettes is of major importance.

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