5 Home Staging Tips for First Time Sellers


Are you looking to sell your property for the first time, but do not know where to start? The answer that most experts will give you is to prepare your home for buyers, a process called home staging. Think of it like preparing a set for a theater show. The stage needs to be prepared for the audience. Similarly, a home has to look appealing to buyers. A well-staged home is expected to sell more often because it will be more visually appealing. Projecting your home’s best features increases its value in the eye of buyers, who might even pay more for it. They mostly pay attention to what they can see of the property through their eyes rather than just hearing them out. No matter how savvy an agent is and how great your property is, buyers will only buy what they believe will be better for them. If you are planning to do some home staging work to yield a better price, start with these five basic yet nifty tips!


Clean and Declutter

The first and foremost stage is to clean and declutter every corner of the house. Cleaning the house essentially could mean cleaning the entire house, starting from floors to the ceilings. If it becomes necessary, get expert deep cleaning services done by professional property management services. They will get rid of damp, dirt, debris, and help you renovate where required. Decluttering will help the buyers to view the home’s best features and make it appear more spacious. Get rid of old furniture and experiment their positions to see which way the home appears larger.


Define Each Room

Defining each room adds up to showcase their individual strengths and purposes. This way buyers can easily have an idea of which room to use for what purpose. They can even make changes to the arrangements. Suppose a guest bedroom could be used as an office room or entertainment room. Usually bedrooms are quite obvious, given that they usually have attached bathrooms and balconies. Sometimes defining the living room and dining room can become difficult. You can point out these rooms with pretty dividers or curtains in between. It would be wise to not do anything that permanently alters how the home appears to be, because buyers would want to customize the space according to their choices after the sale.


Paint and Wallpaper

Paint can change the whole outlook of your home. Neutral tones are mostly preferred by potential buyers which happens to also be the safest way for a seller. Putting on neutral toned paints on the exterior walls and interior walls will allow buyers to get a blank canvas, and a chance to renovate however they want after purchase. This would not be possible in bright hues and dark shades. Taste might vary from buyer to buyer, so wallpapers are not a good option. If you already placed wallpapers, arrangements should be made to remove them.



Plants play a vital role while staging a home. Not only do they add beauty to your home but they also provide a sense of freshness to your home. While furniture and all modern amenities give the house a more urban look, plants can create an exact opposite effect- an urban getaway. It also gives buyers an idea of how the home would look like with greens and what type of plants would suit each corner.



Good lighting is one of the most crucial things in attracting buyers. Natural lighting is one of the plus points of your home. When the natural lighting, as well as the other lighting, are being exposed to the buyers, a home may appear more spacious. Buyers will be more enthusiastic to pay a good amount for that reason. When showing around buyers turn on all the lights so that they get a better view of how the space looks like. Add more lights if needed, as this would especially be advantageous for homes that do not get enough natural light.

These are the basic tips for first time sellers who want to try out home staging, but there are plenty of other ways to sell homes faster.  It certainly creates a scope for more profit for the seller. If you need more tips and tricks from experts, talk to our agents at bti Brokerage. We will help you out and guide you to dressing your home for success. Call 16604 or visit our official website www.btibrokeragebd.com for details.

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