Interior Colors That Surprisingly Sell Better


When you first bought yourself a home, you obviously designed it and shaped it in a manner that best reflects your personality and style. You customized it to the preferences and needs of your family members and changed the interiors time to time even with the most minor details. Yet, it is quite common to overlook the colors of the walls. Years go by as the walls remain unattended, and when you are finally looking to sell, your home simply does not grab the buyer’s eye. While there are other reasons some homes sell faster, a much simpler reason is that the interior colors of your home give plenty of things for the buyers to think about. Would they have to redo the paint, and if so, how much would it cost? Is this color palette up to the mark? Therefore, it is crucial to understand your buyers and stick to interior colors that are trendy in the secondhand property market. We think these tips will help you for sure!


Understand Color Psychology

Colors affect human behavior to a considerable degree. It can affect how a person perceives time, his or heart heart rate, sleeping patterns, and yes, even purchasing decisions. For example, if a room in your home has blue walls, it can promote peace. If it is painted black it can lead to heavy mood swings. In fact, certain color schemes can even make a room appear bigger or smaller. The color you choose for your home will depend on lighting, room area, functionality, and personal preferences. It will not however, necessarily align with the buyers. So, if you are looking to sell your home, you should repaint your home with colors that are known to sell better. The only way to do that properly is to understand buyer’s perspectives and psychology. 


Follow The Staple Colors

By staple we mean colors that are most used when selling a home. This includes all shades of white, neutral tones, and even greige. Greige is a color in between gray and beige. It is a more upgraded version of beige and also has a hint of gray that gives it a luxe appeal. It is a great color for high-end homes in upscale locations. Whites and neutral colors are very appropriate especially for kitchens and small yet bright, airy rooms. These colors give buyers the impression that they almost have a blank canvas to work upon if they want, and they will not have to consider repainting. Experts recommend using alabaster white color over 80% of your home with pops of colors here and there that make up for the rest of the 20%. 


Welcome With Warmth

Living rooms are what buyers first enter upon when entering a home. It is best to stick to neutrals and whites in living rooms. Even if you want to add a pop of color, it should not be too bright and flashy. Earthy toned living rooms are known to sell homes faster, most likely because they make the living room appear much bigger. Light colors such as pastel green, lavender, and light beige can also attract more buyers. These colors make the home appear cosy, calming, and welcoming. If you have a more spacious living room with accent walls and dividers, you can try to experiment with some colors. The accent walls and dividers can have contrasting or neon colors, but it should be limited only to that. Modern living rooms with modern furniture can allow you to take next level color contrasts, such as turquoise, emerald, yellow, and dark blue. Do consider the positioning and size of the windows. If the room is very bright you should stick to warm and light colors such as soft pink, honey, and peach.


Give Your Kitchen Some Space

The kitchen deserves a special mention because it is unlike any other room in your home. It has a special and unique function, and therefore its appearance should be exactly that when you are thinking of selling your home. You can actually ensure how spacious your kitchen looks with patterns and colors. Vertical patterns help ceilings appear higher, while horizontal patterns can make the kitchen appear wider. Avoid dark tones in the kitchen. You will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, as well as your family members. Dark tones can make you get mood swings and even make the space appear more reduced. Light and neutral colors that are comfortable to the eye are always best for the kitchen. If you have a flashy kitchen with contrasting colors, know that buyers will have a hard time even looking at your home. 


Incorporate Shades of Blue

According to Zillow and other real estate experts, the color that real estate agents recommend the most for bedrooms and bathrooms is blue. Apparently, different shades of blue can increase the resale value of a property significantly. A ‘deep, restful’ blue in bedrooms make them appear very homely and soothing to the mind. This has been corroborated by studies as well. Real estate agents say that muted shades of blue and gray can work with almost any decor. It is best to put up samples of different shades of blue against the wall and see how they appear in full daylight and evening. 

Zillow also mentioned that bedrooms with greens and grays or stark against wooden floors sold at slightly higher prices. Other bedroom and bathroom colors that are popular among buyers are taupe and champagne because they are slightly neutral but also add color to the walls in a calm manner. 
With these tips you can turn your shabby or average interiors into a charming haven that will be appreciated by all potential buyers. With those well-painted rooms and color combinations you are sure to get great returns by selling your property. To sell your property instantly and efficiently, talk to our agents at 16604, or visit or Whatsapp: +8801755662414. They will provide expert suggestions in prepping your home for sale quickly.

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