Steps to Ace Home Inspection And Sell Home Faster


There’s a saying by Nate Berkus that says, “Your Home should tell the Story of Who You Are.” Your home defines you, but does it have an impressive story that can sell easily? If you plan to sell your home, you must go through the initial phase of scrutinizing every detail of your home, which is a thorough home inspection! Here you can find the top 5 steps to ace home inspection to sell homes faster.

Steps To Ace Home Inspection To Sell Home Faster

Here are some steps to follow for the home inspection before selling your home :

  1. Set up a pre-inspection
  2. Declutter the whole area
  3. Hand out the list of improvements
  4. Make the house accessible and check thoroughly
  5. Get all the paperwork done

1. Set Up A Pre-Inspection


It’s a good idea to properly set up a pre-inspection of the home before getting the home inspector and selling it. That way, you will know where it needs changes and improvements.

While pre-inspecting a house, you should keep some factors in mind, like:

A typical house inspection often includes the following:

  • Selective spaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, staircase siding, porches, decks, and Roof
  • External & internal paints
  • Sewerage lines
  • both heating and cooling lines
  • vital appliances
  • Ventilation
  • Doors and windows

So, check the factors, bring improvements, and you are good to go!

2. Declutter The Whole Area


Although your inspector will examine more than just your home’s appearance, cleaning and organizing your house in advance is always a good idea. This will demonstrate to the auditor that you, as a homeowner, perform routine maintenance.

Try to declutter the house as far as possible. And after you are done decluttering the home, you have to step away and wait for the inspectors to come.

3. Hand Out The List Of Improvements


When you have pre-inspected the house, you are more likely to make some changes or improvements. Or maybe you haven’t done any pre-inspection, but you have repaired or brought some major changes; in that case, you should make a full list of the improvements you have made.

This list will help the inspector know which changes took place and what has been repaired already. That, of course, includes the permits too.

4. Make The House Accessible And Check Thoroughly


You have to clean the house. You’ll need to make space for the inspectors to look through every detail. Try not to miss any spot that requires attention. Give a thorough check before the inspectors can come and inspect the house. Make sure that kitchens and bathrooms are especially clean. 

The inspector can list every entry point they want, but generally speaking, they’ll need to access the garage, roof, store, basement, electrical service panel, and areas beneath the sinks.

5. Get All The Paperwork done


It’s important to ensure all the paperwork is in place and in one file. Take documentation of any warranties on your roof, windows, gutters, appliances, and other recent services.

Additionally, it is good to compile relevant data, such as invoices showing the date of purchase for things like appliances, home automation devices, water heaters, and other crucial equipment.

Take Away

Inspecting and selling an old home or any property can be really troublesome. But if you follow the proper guideline and steps to ace home inspection, you can shorten the process and hand it over to the professionals to sell the home faster

These are basic home inspection tips. It is better to talk to real estate agents for an advanced, more professional home inspection. You can also check out major real estate agents in the market.

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