Property Selling Problems and How to Handle Them

Selling your own property, be it land, apartment or an office, can often prove to be a very challenging task. If you intend to sell without any involvement from a third party or intermediary, then your situation might be even worse than others can even begin to realize. There might be certain issues that could arise when you are trying to sell your property. Here are some ways in which you can handle them. 

  • Think like a seller rather than a homeowner: As a homeowner, you might feel emotionally attached to your property and not be able to think as realistically or logically as a seller would. This might hamper the actual sale of your apartment. Therefore, when listing your apartment for sale, state what it has and what a buyer can expect to get from the apartment itself once they buy it. The asking price should also be set realistically, so that buyers are not paying a steep price compared to what is actually on offer. 


  • Hire a real estate agent to help you sell: In order to seek out real-life buyers who would be interested in getting your property, you should get a real-estate agent to help you out from the beginning at every step of the way. Many first-time sellers are intimidated by the costs they would have to incur by hiring an agent, even if the sale does not go through. However, there are a lot of benefits to getting an agent to help you, one of them being that you can get the highest possible price for your property that they will negotiate for you.


  • Know the right season to list your property for sale: Even though sales of apartments are usually fairly consistent all year round, there are seasons when people usually like to spend on other, more consumeristic items of consumption. In case of Bangladesh, this time would be around either Eid, since people are usually investing in getting new clothes, shoes or items like fridges and TVs which require a large portion of your income as a down payment. List your property around school admission seasons, since many families wish to relocate to a neighborhood with schools, colleges or universities nearby. Listing your home for sale around such times might hike its price to higher rates than could otherwise be expected. 


  • Post good and proper photos: Whether you are selling your property alone or through the help of a real estate agent, you need to showcase the best of your apartment to potential customers. To do that, you need to take photos of each of your rooms in good, natural lighting; then give those to your real-estate agent to highlight them to all possible customers. A clean, crisp image can go a long way in helping you sell your apartment at its optimum price and condition. 


  • Keep the current property market in mind: After the elections at the beginning of the year, it seems to be that the real-estate sector has been taking the  biggest, most deadly blows. That along with the inflation together have contributed to the real-estate business in Bangladesh having taken serious hits this early on in the year. When you list your apartment for sale, then, make sure to ask for as realistic and logical a price as possible – one where you keep the current property market in mind. 


  • Be ready to display or stage your apartment to buyers: Once you are introduced to any potential buyers for your apartment, you have to be prepared to stage your home. Nobody will be willing to invest in a property without at least checking it out first. This they will want to do in order to see if there are any possible glaring issues that are visible to the naked eye. If they find no issues, then the next thing that they will want to investigate would be whether the house has sufficient natural light and air-flow. Whatever the reason may be, you have to mentally prepare yourself to stage your home to any real-time buyers, because the sale will only go through without a hitch if the entire process is as transparent as possible. 


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