5 Useful Tips to Prep Your Home for Potential Buyers


When we meet someone for the first time, little details in their behavior and style can tell us a lot about them. Similarly, first impressions also matter when it comes to your home, and it can greatly impact a buyer’s decision. When a buyer visits a property, they begin to view the property as their own and imagine how living there would be like. If they find anything unsightly or troubling they will not buy your home. Here are a few tips that can make your home even more desirable than ever.


Freshen Up

Not just buyers, but when anyone enters a home, they want to feel fresh and welcome. The atmosphere should be inviting. Any odors such as odors from cigarette smoke or pets can make the buyer feel slightly less welcome. Specks of flowers and potted plants here and there can work wonders, and air fresheners may also help. You can use linen perfumes as well. However, some people are sensitive towards perfume and may be allergic. You might want to think of alternative options in that case.


Clean Up

Doors and wooden cabinets may have long time stains which can be quickly removed with wood maintenance products. Clean all the carpets, rugs, bedsheets, shower curtains, or stuffed toys that have not been cleaned in a year. Dust off light fixtures and fans. Ensure that the floors and tiles are sparkling clean, including those in the bathrooms and kitchen. You can use homemade cleaning products to get rid of soap film, hair, dirt, and other unsightly things from the bathroom. Scrub off the basin, toilet, and bathtub to get a squeaky clean look in the bathroom. Keep the inside of the oven in the kitchen clean as well.


Maintenance is Key

Gaping holes on the walls do not sit well with anyone. Therefore, it is best to repaint the walls and fix all holes. Use neutral colors such as white, because any other color might not be appreciated. For example, if you painted a wall purple, there is no guarantee that a potential buyer would like purple. Buyers like to see a blank canvas, and only paint however they feel necessary after buying a home. Repainting helps you get a better return for your money, so it is an investment worth considering. Keep an eye out for leaks, broken tiles, faulty sanitary fittings and replace them if possible. 


Declutter All The Way

The best way to brighten your home up is decluttering. Sell or discard any large, dark, unnecessary furniture that is cramping the style of your home. You will notice that decluttering helps your home appear more spacious and bright. It is best to keep generic, minimalistic furniture so that when buyers look around they can envision their own belongings in your home and feel relaxed. The minimalistic approach also applies to the kitchen. Remove the waste basket out of sight and remove fridge magnets for a spotless appearance. The countertop should be empty so that buyers understand that there is plenty of workspace in the kitchen. When it comes to the bedrooms, keep them as tidy as possible. Clothes and toys scattered around certainly do not look good, and even wall posters appear messy so it is better to remove them.


Add Smart Home Features

If you install automated curtains, motion sensing lights, smart door lockers, and baby cams within your home, buyers will surely appreciate it and vy for your home even more. Gas leakage detectors and remote-control options for home appliances are very lucrative features for buyers. If you want such products you can check out Get Smart by bti. If possible, upgrade all light fittings and add a few automated lighting systems here and there for a more bright appearance. When buyers step in make sure your home has the blinds and curtains open to allow maximum light inside.

Did you find these tips helpful? You can get even better home staging ideas from our bti Brokerage experts! There are some things that you as a homeowner might not be able to understand due to your bias for the property, but our experts can detect genuine issues that need to be solved, whether it is major maintenance issues of your home or documentation loopholes. This is exactly why we offer free home inspection, through which our agents check out a property inside out to ensure that everything is up to the mark for a smooth selling process.

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