3 Things to do Before Signing on to Your New Home


Finding the perfect home is difficult but not entirely impossible because there is a sea of options available out there. However, there is no need to rush as there are a myriad of details that you should consider before buying a property. Some details are absolutely important to check out because they can affect you financially and legally. Here are a few suggestions for you that will help you stay on the safe side before sealing the deal on a new home.


Opt for Escrow

Escrow is a legal concept used by companies who act as intermediaries between two groups. For example, in case of bti Brokerage, we too enforce escrow to ensure that there is a fair, reliable, and transparent transaction between the buyer and seller of a property. We do that by first connecting a genuine buyer with an authentic seller of a property. Since both parties have been screened and have proper documentation, we then proceed to take a certain amount of money from the buyer in favor of the seller and keep it in an escrow account. This account is only used to safeguard the money, and it does not generate any interest for bti Brokerage. Therefore, the buyer’s money is safe in the escrow account. At the same time, the seller signs a Brokerage Agreement with us and allows us to sell the property on their behalf. Escrow is a very reliable way to ensure a fair deal, and our real estate agents can assure you that much.


Discuss Closing Costs

You have every right to know exactly what you are paying for. bti Brokerage is fully transparent, therefore as a buyer or a seller you will get full details on what and how you have to pay, including taxes, legal fees, documentation fees, down payment, etc. If there are any last minute costs involved you should negotiate them so that you do not have to pay more than necessary. Fortunately, we provide great pricing and you will not have to worry about shady transactions. Still, remember to check all conditions in the agreement so that you remain satisfied.


Consult With Experts

When you like a home, you will not be able to tell its flaws unless you consult with a real estate agent, your legal attorney, or finance experts. These people can ensure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Real estate agents such as bti Brokerage help you to get genuine buyers and sellers and ensure a smooth documentation process. Our agents will happily inspect the property for free and determine if renovations and further maintenance are necessary. They can also get you in touch with lawyers if your property has legal disputes. We also have multiple banks and financial institutions as partners, with whom you can discuss financing options such as home loans and monthly installments. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose bti Brokerage as an escrow third party for a fair transaction, and ensure a smooth transfer of property and payments! Call 16604 or Whatsapp: +8801755662414 for more details and visit our website www.btibrokeragebd.com to view our vast collection of properties.

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