Fees in Bangladesh Real Estate Explained


Investing in real estate is a daunting task, to say the least. Apart from the obvious pains one has to go through to acquire the necessary funds to buy one, there are so many formalities and legal hurdles one has to cross that it becomes a terrifying notion for one. If, however, one manages to go through it, it would only be due to careful budget planning. In order to save you from financial hassles, and prepare you for all kinds of fees in Bangladesh real estate, bti Brokerage has curated an easy checklist for you to go through as a first time buyer. Trust us when we say you will need this when you go on to buy an apartment.


Down Payment

The down payment is a certain percentage (varies from 10% to 30%) of the total price of the apartment that you will have to pay in order to commit to the ownership of the property. This means, only when you are absolutely certain of buying the apartment, you have to pay it. The down payment is the amount that will establish an official deed with the seller. From this point onwards, the one who paid the down payment will become the buyer according to the sales deed. However, simply having the deed will not suffice. Transfer of ownership is required so that the buyer is legally recorded as the new owner of the land.  


Sale Permission Fees

The first step in transfer of ownership is obtaining sale permission fees. When a property is intended for sale, the seller must get the permission from the correct authorities. In Dhaka, sales permission can only be obtained for leasehold properties, which fall under the administration of RAJUK, National Housing Authority (NHA), or the Ministry of Housing and Public Works. In Chattogram, the permission must be obtained from Chattogram Development Authority (CDA). Since it is a long, tiring process, sellers can undoubtedly seek support from bti Brokerage to obtain sale permission. We prepare the application along with associated documents provided by the seller and deliver the prescribed fees to the concerned authorities on your behalf. Once the final letter of approval is received, only then the registration process can begin. In case of freehold properties, sale permission is not required. Freehold properties include lands in private residential areas such as Aftabnagar or plots owned by real estate companies.



Registration is the fee paid when a deed of sale or transfer has been done. Registration process requires the presence of both buyer and seller. It is imperative for them to thoroughly go through the sales deed and check if everything mentioned is correct. There are different rates, but usually it is between 12-14% of the price of the property, including fees and taxes of course. 


Stamp Duty and Taxes

All property-related documents require some sort of validation. The stamp tax does exactly that. All you have to do is pay tax on the total price of the apartment you are buying. This will make the transfer deed official. The buyer must pay a VAT of the total price of the land and an additional amount for local government taxes. This is an amount you should be prepared for before purchasing a property. Talk to experts at bti Brokerage to learn more about filing your taxes!



One of the most important steps of acquiring any property through a legal process is going to be the mutation. It is the legal process where the old property owner’s name is updated with the name of the new owner, by amending the Khatiyan document. This is a necessary step that should be considered once the court and stamp fees have been paid, as you will need these documents during the application for mutation. Without this step you cannot pay land development tax or register the property in your name. The buyer has to pay the appropriate fees to any of these concerned authorities: RAJUK, CDA, NHA, or AC Land Office. With our professional services you can easily go through this process without running around to different offices. Without mutation, a buyer cannot be enlisted as the new owner, and hence cannot sell the property in the future. 


Installment Payment in Home Loans

Various home loan schemes from banks and financial institutions are available to help you with the down payment. They provide a plan in which you pay monthly installments to cover up the price of the apartment in a certain number of years. It depends on your credit score and financial solvency, so you must check that beforehand. Ask the experts of bti Brokerage for financial assistance. When applying for a loan, banks and financial institutions charge a small percentage of processing fee. You can use our home loan calculator to get a better idea.
All the fees mentioned above are applicable for every apartment purchase, whether it was developed by an individual or any real estate company of Bangladesh. Obviously, there are other expenses involved in the purchase of a property, such as insurance and interests involved with bank loans, if you have opted to take a loan in order to purchase the property. It is impossible to give a fixed number for these expenses, as it all depends on which insurance agency/bank/financial institution you have chosen. Sealing the deal is not easy. It requires careful evaluation and inspection of the property – something that we do too! When dealing with primary or secondary property in Bangladesh real estate, agent fees exist – taken from the seller at a certain percentage. You can find out more about additional fees and optional fees from our experts at bti Brokerage and buy your dream home now.

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