5 Subtle Reasons Some Homes Sell Faster


Properties have their own baggage, and sometimes it becomes incredibly difficult to maintain them. This is especially true for those going abroad or already living there. For others, properties are just stepping stones towards the next investment. It could be a larger home or a big business opportunity you want to capture, and you need a great source of capital. Selling an apartment is a necessary yet daunting task, and even more daunting experience when there are already that many things to worry about. Ask any seller, and he will tell you how difficult it is to sell properties and find authentic buyers. The process is slow, but have you ever asked yourself why some properties sell faster than others? What is it that your property does not have that others do? Take a step back and consider these factors that bti Brokerage has laid out for you!


The Obvious Factors

In Bangladesh there are two major reasons that allow apartments to sell out instantly – size and location. The smaller the home, the lower the price, and the more buyers vy for that home. Another factor is location. If the location has everything necessary for daily life and commute, that home will be sold out instantly. These are what we call ‘obvious’ reasons for homes to sell out fast, because these are what buyers mostly focus on when considering a purchase. However, there are other ways to ensure that your home does not lose out in the selling race! These are factors you probably did not give a thorough consideration before.


The Un-obvious Factors

The factors below are secondary yet major reasons that allow some sellers to sell their homes much faster.

Experienced Real Estate Agent: By using a real estate agent, you can sell your home 32% faster than others in the market. For a seller, his or her property is a hard-earned, perfect achievement. It makes sense if they cannot see the flaws or benefits beyond what they already know. Sellers always tend to be biased towards what they own. What might be a good factor for them might not be a good one for the buyer. Buyers also have their own opinions. As a result, there needs to be a certain kind of understanding between properties for the deal to go on. This is what a real estate agent mediates, such as our experts at bti Brokerage! We verify both parties and then work according to their requirements to make the perfect match! Since you are left with zero hassle, rest assured your home will sell out instantly, with full confidentiality. In fact, many sellers use agents to help sell their properties faster, particularly those living abroad. 

Move-in Condition: According to the Wall Street Journal, homes that have a ready-to-move condition even if they are not brand new tend to sell out 12% faster than those that look run-down or too old. The primary reason is that buyers prefer to do as little renovation or extra interior work as possible after shifting to the new home. It is simply much easier to move to a home that is all prepped for living right away. As a seller, it is your responsibility to tend to maintenance or repair issues, and fix any document that can hamper the selling process. Real estate agents are highly qualified in this regard, and can advise you on how to make your home ready for selling. bti Brokerage offers free home inspection just for this purpose. 

Pricing: Did you know that if you priced your home at a slightly lower price than the market value, the chance of your home being sold out in 60 days is increased by 50%? A study conducted by Zillow mentioned this important factor. Most sellers want to profit even if it is a little, so that they get a better return on investment. As a result, they start out in the market with higher prices, often unwilling to negotiate. Negotiating and fair pricing is really important to make sure the deal is justly done. Without a highly qualified personnel who knows the land and whereabouts, property valuation cannot be done in a standard manner. Therefore, it is better to leave it to reliable people such as those in bti Brokerage who ensure the best pricing suitable for both buyers and sellers.

Inner & Outer Details: Those buying used apartments usually accept the fact that they might need to renovate to a large extent after moving in. They also may take steps to improve the overall outlook of their home. However, there are some details in architectural and interior designs that allow sellers a wider scope! For example, if your home is pet-friendly, or has a jacuzzi, elegant walk-in closets, or open-kitchen concept, your home will be in the spotlight more often than other homes. There are so many buyers looking for homes within a gated community, or a suburban, spacious home with luxurious fittings and features. If your home has any of these features your home will surely sell out faster. 

Videos & Photos: Your property is your trophy and sometimes it can be a good idea to show it off to the world, especially when you are looking to sell it. Provide buyers with virtual tours if necessary. This would be incredibly helpful for non-residential Bangladeshis, and it will also give them a clear idea of what to expect. People are ready to pay 2% more for properties whose virtual tours have been shown to them. High-quality videos and photos also allow the buyer to understand the perks of living in the property, the amount of lighting and air flowing in and out of the home, and the experience that follows after moving in. They too can earn you more money if done right!

Ready to sell your home instantly? Are you looking for a shortcut to selling your property that has been on the market for a long time? We will help you sell your homes to genuine buyers at the best pricing with full confidentiality if necessary. Get the perfect deal with bti Brokerage, and follow the suggestions mentioned above to sell your property instantly.

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