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Any property, where it is a piece of land or a building space, is as precious as jewelry for those living in Dhaka and Chattogram. Since the population increase is boosting the demand for apartments, more and more people are now inclined to buy or rent apartments. Those with old apartments and selling them off to buy new ones to meet their needs. Although you can single-handedly do everything related to these processes, the traffic and months of bureaucratic processes make buying, selling, and renting properties way more difficult than it should be, which is why some people prefer to use brokerage companies. This is where we at bti Brokerage step in. We have served as the most trusted real estate agent for a while now, but the real question is, why should you use a real estate agent? Why trust bti Brokerage? 


We Empathize With Your Emotions

Yes, we actually do that, because we can empathize how important a property can emotionally be for a person. It could be your happy place, a lifelong investment, or a legacy for your children, and selling it literally means losing a part of your identity. We help you sell your property, taking care of your preferences and also letting you take a step back from making mistakes. If you try to sell a property yourself, there is a good chance that you will try to sell it at a lower or higher price than the market. You might appear desperate, or you might get offended by potential buyers. We help decide the best deal for you and find you genuine buyers, so that both parties are happy. Since we know market prices and what buyers typically prefer, the process of handling rejection and marketing your real estate property is easier for us. You can sit back and relax while we help buyers live in their dream and sellers to get a worthy deal.

Oftentimes homeowners and prospective buyers fail to see the flaws of a home, simply because they believe these are not flaws. No one would like to accept flaws in something they worked so hard for, and the same goes for a home. Only a real estate agent can point out the problems and suggest ways to make your home a better investment for buyers.


We Have Reliable Expertise

Deals in real estate involve a huge amount of money at stake. There is also a considerable level of legal issues involved that need to be solved step by step. Only true professionals like us can bear the brunt of this process. We can draft Deed of Agreements and other legal documents, ensuring full transparency for both parties involved. When costs and charges are all laid out open on the table, there is very little risk of falling prey to fraudulent activities. We also know when and how to strike a good deal. We inspect properties for free and assess their saleability beforehand. We verify papers and only when we are convinced, we will encourage you to proceed with the deal. We will point out details that you may miss out on, or might need to work on to ensure a smooth transaction. 


We Take The Hassle For You

If you are a busy office goer or a traveling businessman with very little time for your property, you will not be able to visit every time a potential buyer comes to view it. Even if you are free, you will not have the energy or expertise to market your property to a buyer, but real estate agents like bti Brokerage are always ready to do the work for you. Only your circle of neighbors, friends, colleagues, relatives, and close family members may know about your property, but they cannot spread the word as effectively as professionals. bti Brokerage has a large database of potential buyers, sellers, and tenants in store, so that you can buy, sell, or rent hassle-free, with plenty of options to choose from. The best part is that every individual and every property in the database is thoroughly screened for authenticity. We do not select properties or choose people who might have errors in their documentation or faults in their property. 

Just give us your exact preferences and we streamline the process so efficiently that you will only contact genuine people and properties. If you are a non-residential Bangladeshi living abroad, all the more reason for you to trust bti Brokerage. We can help buy, sell, or rent properties on your behalf without you having to deal with painful processes personally.


We Negotiate With Sincerity

Negotiating really is a skill, and it can break or make wonders for you. Not everyone can do it. Only professionals can make a deal solid and golden for both parties. We try to ensure that all parties involved are happy with the end result and that the deal goes through smoothly. Someone without the support of a real estate agent will not be able to ensure satisfaction in all angles. We know how the game works and we recognize the emotions involved. We also know what terms our client should stick to based on market trends and what conditions can be relaxed.

Bti Brokerage has gained trust from our customers because we share the same values and mission and are an integral unit of the House of bti, a much-loved real estate company serving the nation for 40 years. We only want to give you joyful experiences and hope that you will continue to support us in our journey. We operate in Dhaka and Chattogram with unparalleled customer service.

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