What does bti Brokerage do?

bti brokerage

Imagine you want to sell your home. So you tell your family, friends, and acquaintances about it, you put up a board in front of the house and wait for a customer to drop by. A week passes by and there is no sign of anyone. After a few weeks a customer drops by – you excitedly show him around the house – and then he tells you that he wants to rent it. It is disappointing but you decide to wait for a few more weeks. Still nothing. Time passes by like this. Gradually you lose all hope of making the sale and give up realizing there is nothing you can do, while day by day your home goes unnoticed by all the potential customers who are possibly looking for a home just like yours.

Now imagine a team of professionals: they come to your house, do a preliminary assessment and offer to sell your house on your behalf. They offer to bring in only the niche customers, do the marketing, management, and the legal paperwork for you. You are delighted but also unsure about entrusting them with your property. However, considering all factors you come to an understanding with them. Within the first month they bring in a few customers for property visit. Later on they bring in more customers to show them around your house. And within a short period of time your home is sold. You are baffled yet delighted with your experience and now you share your realtor experience with everyone.

bti Brokerage is this team of professionals ready to provide one-stop real estate solution to you. They work as an agent for buying, selling, and renting property in the most hassle-free manner. bti Brokerage has been established to provide customers a reliable platform where buying, selling and renting property is not just a transaction but a wonderful experience.
bti Brokerage acts as match-makers for the buyers and sellers. They have a large pool of potential customers. Their objective is to assist customers attain the best deals possible within the shortest amount of time. They negotiate in a way that preserves best interests of both the buyer and the seller of the property. They add value for both parties by being a trusted mediator. Even after the sale is done they continue their assistance. Their after-sales service includes assistance in installment payments, obtaining sell permission, property registration, and home shifting service.
You might be looking for a new flat to move into, or you might be looking to rent out your own property – regardless of which side of the coin you are, bti Brokerage can help you out. Be it a ready flat, an under-construction project or a used flat for sale, they have got you covered. For the owners, they have vast information on prospective tenants to rent your vacant properties within a short period. And, at the same time, if you are looking to rent, then they have properties in various locations with varying size to match your needs.

In Bangladesh, the concept of real estate broker is fairly new. Hence, customers take some time before seeking assistance from them. Whereas in abroad, realtors play a significant role, and most people contact real estate agents to get their house sold. Established in 2015, bti Brokerage is the pioneer realtor in the secondary market in Bangladesh. They sincerely hope that in the near future, realtors will gain recognition and popularity in real estate market in Bangladesh.
Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent properties, bti Brokerage endeavors to give you service that exceeds your expectations. For any query, you may visit www.btibrokeragebd.com

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