Flat for Sale in Dhaka: 8 Tips for Selling Our Home

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Selling a home can be a very tough and tiring job. There are indeed a huge number of prospective buyers these days, but it is also true that they have a lot of options. So, to stand out among all those options, we have to be a little tricky. Here are 8 such tips which can surely help while selling our home to the best buyer-  


Investing a whole lot of money on the ready flat which we are going to sell might not seem to be a great idea but a simple renovation is actually needed. No one wants to purchase anything which is faulty. People are very sensitive when they are buying a home to live at. Besides, the buyers tend to negotiate on the price more if they find anything damaged or out of order. So, what we have to do is to carry out a thorough inspection and fix if anything is broken or requires a little renovation.


Prepping our home for showing is a very vital step. People like to imagine themselves when they see a home and when we intend to sell our ready flat; we have to take the leverage of that. As a clutter-free home is more appreciated, we need to get rid of the unnecessary things or furniture from the home and keep it as free as possible. A new round of painting or decorating the home with green plants might also be a good idea.

Taking professional photos

Nowadays online advertising is one of the best ways to grab the attention of prospective buyers. But there are some specific steps which we need to take to make the advertising a lucrative one. The photos of the ready flat need to be professional as well as exceptional. Because people will get the total idea and vibe of our home from these photographs and the first impression is always a noteworthy one!

Proper lighting

It is a good trick to show our home to the probable buyers in the daytime because that is when there is the maximum light. A bright and vivid home is always a catch. However, if it is not possible to show the home in the daylight, we can use bright lights here and there. These also add an aesthetic touch to the home making it more likable to the buyers.

Ensuring an odor-free ambiance

An odor is a big NO for all of us. Sometimes old or used flats can have a certain smell which drives potential buyers away. There are many effective ways to take care of this problem like air fresheners, scented candles, scented plants, etc. Opening up the doors and windows of the home now and then while it is remaining unused can also help in this regard.

Determining the price carefully

The major motive is indeed to sell the flat, but it is also necessary to determine the price of that very carefully. Overpricing the home can take a very long time to make the sale happen and on the other hand, we also do not want to forego a good price. That is why, we must understand the real worth of our home and fix the price accordingly.

Ascertaining damp-free walls

Soggy or damp walls can immediately drive a potential buyer away. What we need to do is to make certain that all the rooms of the flat have damp-free or relatively parched walls.

Hiring good real estate agents

Let’s face the fact. A professional real estate agent has a lot more information and skills than we have when it comes to speeding up the sale. They have sufficient knowledge about the whole real estate market and at the same time, a good agent can help us in promoting our home correctly as well.

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