Why Should You Buy A Used Apartment in Dhaka?


Just like everything else in Bangladesh, even apartments are recycled. Surprisingly enough, the trend never really goes. In fact, many people feel just as much enthusiastic about buying a used apartment as they would for a new one, especially if it means not renting from one place to another! There are plenty of reasons why a used apartment may appear lucrative. Here are a few reasons that we found out based on our customer profile.


Stable and Cheap Prices 


Real estate prices tend to fluctuate quite a lot with economic changes. So while new apartment prices generally change more often, used apartments tend not to follow that trend and stay at a more stable price. Also, used apartments are much cheaper compared to new ones. As a result, customers feel more at ease to buy them. They often come with ready interiors, and as long as a customer does not want to change them, he or she can save a lot of money. In some situations, the customer may not have to buy certain furniture as well! The prices rely on location, age of the flat, interior decor, and the brand. When it comes to used apartments, generally the older it is, the cheaper it gets.


Preference of Designs


Older apartments in Dhaka are vastly different from the new ones. Some have larger verandahs and rooms, old grill and window designs, non-tiled floors, and more open space with greenery. Previously, homes were in duplex or short buildings instead of high-rise compact apartments. The available open spaces were used for recreation or gardening. If you have a knack for these styles of apartments or vintage interior decor then buying older apartments would be a great choice for you.


Guarantee of Habitability 


This has more to do with the people currently owning the used apartment you want to buy. If they have been able to live here for a long time, they can tell you all about the neighbors, overall community and management of the building and how they have been living here from firsthand experience. This gives you as a buyer some security and reassurance that this apartment is a livable place. 


Better Location


Used and older apartments tend to be in busier locations, so you can expect to live with great convenience and have access to plenty of amenities. Modern apartments may appear more tasteful in terms of design but are usually located in quiet environments away from major routes in the city. 


Cheaper Renovation


Instead of buying a new apartment, some customers choose to buy an older apartment and completely revamp it with modern and more customized designs. This is certainly cheaper than buying a new apartment. Often people do this not simply because of the money factor, but also because they may not prefer the styles offered by the real estate developers. They would rather use their own creativity and methods to design and revamp the apartment.


No Waiting 


Families in Dhaka tend to buy from relatives or buy used apartments because they feel that real estate developers may scam them by taking a lump sum of money and fleeing the scene instead of providing a new apartment. This has indeed happened with many people, which is why by buying a used apartment, customers feel more stress-free. Another reason to not worry is that there is no need to wait. Just pay the money and get the apartment right away in your desired location. With a developer company, you have to wait, especially if the handover date is at a specific date. 


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