5 Space-saving Furniture Hacks For Small Apartments


In an already cramped mega city, imagine how suffocating it could be to live in a cramped apartment. Since smaller apartments are more affordable, people tend to choose them more often, even if it means jamming the space with bulky furniture later on. These neat hacks will not only save some space to your apartment, they will also help your home look more stunning than you can think of.


Murphy Bed


Strictly speaking, a murphy bed is an ingenious way of storing a bed within a 3-seater sofa. The bed is hinged at one end so that it can be stacked vertically against the wall. When you need the bed, simply pull it down! Murphy beds are very innovative. The vertical wall or cabinet can have a shelf where you can place decor pieces, which can be pulled down and become a stand for the bed.


DIY Loft


When you were a kid, you probably slept on a bunker bed. The DIY loft uses the same idea, except that there is no bed at all. In one part of the room, you can create a double-height space if your ceiling is high enough. The floor space can be used to place sofas, bookshelf, bean bags, or other decor pieces. Climb up the stair connecting this floor to the top space, where you can have a mini loft or small workstation. 


Expandable Tables


The use of expandable tables is quite common. However for smaller apartments more sleek and minimalistic designs are preferred. This piece of furniture can work as a study table and a work table at the same time. However, if you have guests coming in, it can transform into a large dining table. Not only will your guests be impressed, they will also love your creativity.


Drawers and Cabinets


You can secretly place drawers and cabinets in different furnitures. For example, if you have a box bed then it can make room for some drawers. The space under the iron board can be used to your benefit too. Simply create a cabinet underneath. Shelves and drawers can be added as well. Your sofa set can also have hidden drawers here and there depending on the design. 


Stackable Chairs


Stools, sofas, and bean bags have one thing in common. You cannot place them on top of each other or fold them into a smaller package. Therefore, to save space you will need to use plastic chairs that can be stacked on top of one another when not in use. Pick any minimalistic design for extra space saving. These chairs are incredibly light and versatile to the point that they can be used anywhere in the apartment!


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