5 Simple Budget-friendly Office Decoration Ideas


Most employees don’t like their workplaces, especially if it appears gloomy, run-down, and plain boring. However, there is enough research to suggest that if the workplace is a bit more spiced up, with more invigorating and inspiring interiors, the employees feel more motivated to work. It increases their workplace satisfaction. Believe it or not, you will not need big bucks to liven up your office. You can simply use the following ideas, and a little bit of imagination on your part, to keep things interesting in your workplace. 


Keep it Bright and Warm


Yes, lighting matters. Decorate the area with gorgeous table lamps. Not only does this add some oomph to the interior, it also helps to spread some warm tones of light around the space. No one likes to work in dark, gloomy rooms! Ensure that your lighting choices blend and match with the office furniture and decor. 


Go Green


It always feels good to reconnect with nature. In fact, the color green produces a soothing effect on the viewer. So it does help if you bring some ornamental plants into the workplace. Your employees will certainly feel calm and refreshed. If your office has more natural light and large windows, real plants will fare much better. Make it a habit with your employees to take care of the plants by watering them. 


Add Some Fragrance


A nice fragrance in the workplace can brighten up the moods of your employees. Of course, if you have real flowers around, you will be exposed to fresh fragrances all the time. If you do not have real plants around, it is best to add air fresheners and diffusers. They say jasmine, lavender, and lemon scents are best for the workplace, but you can try other scents too. You should make sure if anyone in the workplace is allergic to certain fragrances first.


Use The Wall Space


Bare walls are very boring. To get into the spirit of the vision and mission of your office, you can add inspiring quotes on the walls in the form of mural art or wallpaper. The quotes will act as a reminder to the employees of what the workplace is about. You can add paintings and logo designs that best represent your workplace. A fun exercise could be asking your employees to decorate the wall with their own little cards or positive and unique graffiti artworks if possible.


Encourage Use of Brand Colors


If you have colors in your brand image, it is high time that you put that to good use. Make sure your office space screams out your brand by using these colors. Get furniture and wall paint that reciprocate your brand. You can even bring matching flowers, clocks, beautiful wind chimes, mugs, and other little pieces of decor that match the brand colors or use the logo. Ensure that it is not a bit too much. Just the right amount of colors should do the trick! 


Of course there are more ideas that you can play around with, but these are the most basic and simple penny-saving tricks that you can use to give your workspace a healthy makeover. You can build up on these techniques and use your own creativity to further decorate the workplace. Remember that the intention is to make your workplace fun, bright, and filled with warmth, so that your employees feel happy while working.

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