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From a Mughal origin to a mega city, Dhaka has shape-shifted constantly to suit the needs of its residents. Every now and then, you might see a building toppling down, only to see a new one rise from those ashes. Since consumerism is taking on new heights, people now have more reason than ever to invest in commercial spaces. If you are one of those enthusiasts, read on to know more about the best areas for commercial spaces in Dhaka.

Uttara: The Next Dhaka

Dhaka city’s northernmost part was once nothing but open green fields. Within 20 years time, Uttara has become a bustling hub. Uttara is so self-sufficient, that its residents do not have to go deeper into the city. For Uttara residents, it is very easy to commute to Savar and Tongi and other areas by train or bus. They can also conveniently access Mirpur, the Airport, train station Bashundhara, and Khilkhet because of the road networks. After the completion of the Metro Rail Project, you can expect Uttara to become busier than the current inner city. The demand for flats in Uttara has also skyrocketed the need for commercial space here. Businesses which constantly require products to be delivered in and out of Dhaka preferably choose Uttara because of its location in the city and its amenities. 

Mirpur: Promising Yet Underrated

Like Uttara, Mirpur is also a self-sustaining town on its own. A total of about 6 lakh people live here, and the greatest advantage is that you can go to any corner of Dhaka city from Mirpur. All kinds of transport are available here. The huge customer base, well-connectivity and affordable office spaces in Mirpur gives it great potential to host offices and other commercial purposes. However, Mirpur is still in its beginner steps. Mostly small businesses and startups held their flags here, but slowly more and more schools, shopping malls, universities, hospitals, and government institutions have opened up here, which means larger corporations are on their way here too. It is one of the most underrated places, but shows great potential. Now time will tell if Mirpur can live up to its potential !

Dhanmondi: One Step Ahead

Everyone loves Dhanmondi. Not only is it home to the finest institutions, it also hosts the infamous Dhanmondi Lake surrounded by high-end classy apartments. However, who caters to these residents? All kinds of businesses are available here, especially restaurants. In fact, people in Dhanmondi live the high life, with great schools, wide variety of hospitals, open space for walking, Rabindra Sorobor open-air theater and so much more. Although commercial properties in Dhanmondi can be some-what expensive, it is worth the money due to the large customer base. 

Banani: An Emerging Business District

While some people still argue that Gulshan is the best commercial area in Dhaka, Banani is not far behind. In fact, it is on par. Gulshan is more closely knit and inwards, but Banani offers extremely good connectivity to other places such as Mohakhali, Cantonment, and Bashundhara because of the flyovers. Banani shares close proximity to diplomatic zones in Dhaka including high-value residential areas, world-class hospitals, international schools and clubs. As a result, luxury brands and high-end businesses tend to focus on setting up offices in Banani, to cater to foreigners, celebrities and high-profile figures. Since most major companies have offices set up in Gulshan, other supporting organizations prefer to set up offices nearby, conveniently in Banani, to save commuting time and space. Developers have created exclusive commercial spaces here, which allow other companies to brand themselves in a unique manner. Startups in Bangladesh also prefer Banani, because they can rent spacious flats and use them as temporary offices at a lower price, and still remain close to major companies. 

Gulshan: The Newest Commercial Center 

Once upon a time, Motijheel was the main commercial area in Dhaka, but Gulshan managed to steal the spotlight in the past few years. Businesses today require contemporary style office space, technology, adequate parking, emergency setups, security and safety. To attain such personalization and unique branding, some large-scale companies were able to acquire their own land in Gulshan and set up permanent headquarters. Other competitors prefer to rent commercial spaces in Gulshan, creating a healthy competition in business here; something that even startups are looking to take advantage of. As a result, office spaces on a flexible budget in Gulshan is gradually on the rise. 

Furthermore, many organizations work together, and close proximity is an added bonus for them. For example, banks and insurance companies often work hand-in-hand. Transfers between these companies happen at a regular basis, and to beat the traffic, close proximity would be perfect. As thousands of people commute within Gulshan every day, the large customer base here can quickly create opportunities for many businesses falling under food & restaurant demographics, including service providers, shopping malls, and banks. With more and more office-going individuals entering Gulshan, it would be interesting to see which area topples it from its best of the best position. 

Commercial spaces are needed more than ever now, but it seems that Dhaka has a changing shift when it comes to commercial hubs. In the previous years, it was solely Motijheel, but the rise of the middle-class workforce, consumerism, availability of luxury has triggered rapid growth of businesses. The population boom also encouraged the expansion of Dhaka, and as a result there is no one business district anymore. There are several locations that hold potential to become a top commercial hub in Dhaka city. While Gulshan holds the top spot, the other locations are worth looking out for, and may change the dynamics of the city in a few years !

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