Spectacular Architectures in Dhaka: The Famous Five


The essence of a city is found in its streets. Whether it is the street foods, the hawkers trying to make a living or the spectacular monuments, the streets always act as the gateway to these wonders. While the streets may be the gateway, the astounding architectures of a city are always the ones that give them their fame. Let’s take a look at five such marvels of construction engineering, that makes Dhaka a sight to behold.

House of the Nation

Without a doubt, the most significant of the architectural wonders in Dhaka would be the “Shongshodh Bhobon”. Otherwise known as the House of the Nation, this structure not only serves as a beauty in the center of the map, but also as the venue for parliamentary debates and conferences. While its political and administrative impacts are indisputable, its beauty turns the eyes of the neighboring countries green.


Seven-Domed Mosque

One of the most popular streets of Dhaka is named after this mosque: “Shat Moshjid”. While it used to be a popular mosque for muslim congregations in the past, this structure now serves as an example of the engineering of our forefathers. It may not be the best-looking structure according to the modern-day standards, it still is revered as one of the best architectural wonders erected during a time of the country’s oppression.


Curzon Hall

Named after the famed Viceroy of India, George Curzon, this structure stood the test of time and still houses some of the brightest minds of Bangladesh. Currently in use as the faculty of science for the University of Dhaka, this building has been standing for over 100 years, leaving a trail of scientists in its wake. It is still well-maintained and serving as both a tourist spot and an academic institution in Dhaka.



Bongobondhu Novotheater

The first planetarium in Bangladesh might be a relatively newer structures, compared to the others in the list, but it can surely be considered as one of the best architectures of Dhaka. While its popularity as a planetarium waned over the few years, it still hasn’t fallen into disrepair and is here to stay. For the tourists visiting this country, the Novotheater is a great place to spend some quality time with the young ones.


Lalbagh Fort

Whenever talking about the heritage of Dhaka and its famous tourist spots, one can never forget to mention the Lalbagh Fort. Standing as a monument to the past, the Lalbagh fort endures as a historical landmark, teaching the newer generations about the “auld lang syne”. In its time, it served as a strong, impenetrable fortress, which, even after three centuries, still stands tall.




While the city of Dhaka homes many other significant landmarks, these are the most significant amongst them. Of course, we are not trying to condescend the other architectural wonders and landmarks that are special in their own way; but if we are to shorten our list to only the best five, only these make the cut.

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