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Mirpur is known to be one of the busiest places in Dhaka. bti brokerage awaits you with a number of newly built/used apartments and commercial spaces for sale in this epicenter of connectivity. Every kind of up-to-date civic facility is accessible here which enables the residents to live a hassle-free and comfortable daily life. Take a look at the available inventories of bti brokerage in this area-

At Mirpur 1, Mazar Road

1300sft new apartments on different floors of the same building are available at Mazar Road, Mirpur. The residential apartments of this building have three bedrooms along with three bathrooms while the commercial ones are open spaces suitable business purposes. Necessary facilities are available at both apartments and commercial spaces. If you want to have more details, please visit https://btibrokeragebd.com/ad/builtform-baktiar-khan-complex-9-south-flat-for-sale-at-mirpur

At Paikpara

A very affordable, used 937sft apartment is available at Paikpara, Mirpur. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms of this apartment ensure a convenient stay for the residents. For further information, you can check https://btibrokeragebd.com/ad/contempo-flat-for-sale-at-mirpur

At Kazipara

Another latest addition to the inventories of bti brokerage is at Kazipara, Mirpur. This 1098sft apartment has the essential amenities and services which any home should have. Located on the 6th floor, the apartment gets ample light and air throughout the day, ensuring a healthy environment. For more details about this apartment, please visit https://btibrokeragebd.com/ad/hatil-dewberry-flat-for-sale-at-mirpur

At Darussalam

A three-bedroom apartment at Darussalam is ready to move in any day. Basic and necessary facilities have been provided for the residents of the building in order to ensure a comfortable stay for them. If you want further information, please visit https://btibrokeragebd.com/ad/darussalam-apartment-flat-for-sale-at-mirpur

At Mirpur 7

Another 1398sft apartment is available for you at Mirpur 7. The apartment has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The balconies ensure well-ventilation throughout the apartment, making the environment very cozy for the residents. For more details about this apartment, you can visit https://btibrokeragebd.com/ad/finiba-kabita-flat-for-sale-at-mirpur

Located at such convenient locations, all these apartments can be very suitable places to settle down. Besides, Mirpur has a number of prominent schools, colleges, offices etc. throughout the area which makes the area more inhabitable. The apartments in this area are comparatively affordable as well. So, explore the apartments today and choose the one which best matches your lifestyle.

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