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At some point in your life you must have lost your way around the city or faced never-ending problems after moving to a new home. It is safe to say that finding the perfect place to live in Dhaka, whether you want to buy or rent, is extremely difficult. With rush hours, heavy traffic, and road-clogging rainfall or scorching heat, you wish you had an easier way of finding a home. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a suitable home just within a click? Bti Brokerage has you covered.


With vast experience in the real estate sector and a reputation of keeping promises, bti Brokerage strives to win the hearts of our customers with our unparalleled services and uncompromised quality. Your skeptical self might wonder why we are trustworthy. So here are a few things that you should know about bti Brokerage, and why you will love our quality services.


We Are Different

Amongst the many brokerage services available within the city, you will find us reliable because of our experience. We fully understand the customer’s needs and what one would look for when buying or renting an apartment. We consider both the buyer and seller’s perspective. Through our interactive website, you can look for any property of your choice in Dhaka and Chattogram, whether it is under construction, brand new or used. As a seller, you can conveniently use the website to post your property 


We Do Thorough Screening

Every property that we deal with is checked for authenticity. Yes, we check through the documents provided by the seller, and we also screen through the authenticity of the buyer. Despite the screening process, we arguably have one of the largest lists of properties, where each one is top-notch in terms of facilities, designs and features. Whether it is an apartment of ours or privately-owned, every property posted is authentic also because we inspect them for free. This way you can rest assured that what you are going for is genuine.


We Go Beyond Expectations

While we also perform intermediary actions, we also provide assistance legally and for complicated processes such as registration and mutation. We provide after-sales services such as loan arrangement and home-shifting services too, with due diligence. All we want is for our customers to have a wonderful and joyful home owning experience, so we try our best.  .


With decades of experience in the real estate industry, backed by the satisfaction of countless customers and quality services, bti Brokerage is your one-stop solution to buying and selling properties at ease. 

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