Innovative home ideas

Innovative design ideas are a good way to incorporate distinctive features that will save you energy, time and money, while also improving your comfort and possibly increasing your resale value! A home renovation project, whether you want to brighten a space, soften your walls, or add some warmth to your living room, maybe a difficult undertaking. If this is your first time, you may not even be aware of the home renovation blunders to avoid. Fortunately, there are many interior design methods and ideas you may use to give your home a new look. We will look at 9 innovative home ideas to help you get through your home renovation without stress.


 Smart Home Gadgets

Smart technology can control your house appliances (such as air conditioning systems) and provide insight on energy usage, which is a cost-effective and convenient approach to save money. A device hub, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Home is usually the brain of a digital home environment. This may then operate a variety of home functions using voice commands or your smartphones, such as security cameras, door locks, robot vacuum, lighting, thermostats, and even your coffee machine (configure it to switch on when you get up so coffee is ready).


 Suspended Bed that Saves Space

A suspended bed is a nice choice for a pull-out sofa if you have limited room space but yet want to live a high-quality life. Brighten up your living space by adding decorative mirrors.

If you want to make a small space appear larger, decorative mirrors are a great choice. They can also be utilized as decorative items to fill in blank wall space and bring light and dimension to a room. Mirrors should be arranged in such a way that they reflect the natural light coming in through the windows if you have a large room.


Make Use of Slipcovers

Incorporate convenience and comfort into your home renovations. Slipcovers are simple covers that will give your room a classy look while also relieving you of the fear of someone spilling something on your furniture. Slipcovers are a great addition to any room since they bring both warmth and elegance.


Walk-in Bathtub With a Compact Design

Some individuals believe that a bathroom is not complete without a bathtub, but how do you install a bathtub in a tiny bathroom? Some stylish walk-in bathtubs are small and feature lots of storage and shelf space on both sides. Even in such a small bathtub, you can enjoy a peaceful bath thanks to the distinctive design of the contoured seat and high backrest.


Decorate Hardwood Floors With Area Rugs

The possibilities of home renovation ideas are unlimited. Area rugs, for example, can provide colour and functionality to your house. If you have children, go for cushiony, washable area rugs. 


Bedroom Divider with Sliding and Rotatable Panels

You want a large television that you can watch in both your living room and your bedroom, but you do not want to buy two televisions. What are your plans? Make your bedroom wall slidable and movable with this clever idea!


Detection of Water Leaks

The worst thing that could happen to a home is water damage. A slowly leaking pipe might do significant harm before you discover it. This problem can be solved with the use of water detection technologies. Installing a leak detector in places where you’re most likely to encounter a problem can inform you immediately if one arises, giving you enough time to turn off the water and look for a solution.


Windows With Heat Rejection

 Low-emissivity windows are made out of glass panes that have been coated with a special coating that rejects radiant heat better than ordinary windows. That means it can reflect the sun’s light and save your new home from heating during the day. It is utilized for outside windows. It will also save money on air conditioning.


Patterns and Texture Should be Combined

When it comes to styling your home, one thing to keep in mind is that the interior should represent your style and personality. Combine patterns and textures that reflect who you are or your family’s heritage. For example, you might decide to maintain your grandfather’s ancient Chippendale desk, which tells the story of your background or who you are as a person.

Innovative home designs will charm your guests and also make your life convenient. Feel free to ask the professionals of Square Feet Story to bring more innovative concepts to life in your apartment.

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