7 Ways You Can Ensure Fire Safety in Your Home

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Last year, the country experienced two tragic fire incidents, the Chawkbazar fire in February and the Banani F R Tower fire in March. Both the incidents have left a great wound in our hearts, and these are two incidents among hundreds of fire incidents that took place in Bangladesh last year. In fact, most of these incidents were caused by situations that could have been easily avoided and taken care of. Prevention is always better than cure, and so let’s learn a few ways we can prevent fires in home!

Install Fire Alarms in your Homes

Fire alarms are easily available nowadays, so contact a security company to get yourself one. Install them in such a manner so that they will detect fire anywhere in the house as fast as possible. Also, frequently test them by pressing the “test” button or according to their system, and also make sure to change the batteries!

Ensure Safety in the Kitchen

Gas leakage is one of the main causes of fire incidents. Always look out for the smell of methane near the burner, such a smell could mean a gas leak in your kitchen. Also, you could make a gas detector solution at home by mixing dishwasher/detergent with water. Spray it around the places you are suspecting a leak from, if there is presence of gas in the area the solution will form bubbles. Do not leave cooking unattended and do not wear clothes in the kitchen that may easily catch fire.

Electrical Malfunctions: Checked!

Issues with electrical wirings can lead to a massive fire before you know it. Make sure all your wirings are done by a qualified person, and change any damaged connections or wires as often as you can. Avoid overloading any electrical points or outlets, and do not let your electrical appliances or gadgets overheat. No matter how tired you are, shut down your laptop before falling asleep to Netflix!

Fire Extinguishers are Family

Always, always keep a fire extinguisher at your home! Situate it in a place that is easily accessible, and teach all the members of the family how to use it. There are different types of extinguishers for different types of fires; your best bet is the ABCE extinguisher which will come in handy for all of them. Check for the expiration date of each, and change them accordingly!

Educate your Children

Teach your children not to play with fire from an early age. Warn them of the things they are to stay away from. Let them know emergency contacts, such as the nearest fire service. While you are at it, make sure you yourself maintain certain habits, such as ensuring a matchstick or cigarette is extinguished before throwing it away. Every action matters!

The Last Resort: An Escape Plan

Sometimes, all might fail and you should be prepared for such a situation. Put together a fire escape bag with necessary items that you can just grab and leave the premises immediately. Keep it in an easily accessible location, do not lock it in the cupboard! Be aware of your fire exits, keep cool, and do not wait around. Your home may be full of precious possessions, but your life is the most precious of them all! Stay safe!

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