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Dealing with property can be very critical as both opportunities and risks are involved there.  If you want to buy, sell, rent or let a flat in a hassle-free manner, you may need information, guidance and assistance from some trustworthy and specialized real estate agent or broker. To meet your all such real estate requirements, we are introducing  Mr. B, the representative of bti Brokerage. He will help you in buying, selling, renting and letting out flat or property by providing hassle-free services. You just need to call 16604 or WhatsApp 01755662414 to get the required services from Mr. B. The following sections will throw some light on this.  


In Buying Flats:   

If you are willing to buy a flat in Dhaka or Chattogram, you may find it tough to get a flat in Uttara, Bashundhara and any such aristocratic areas. You can call Mr.B for assistance in getting such a flat. 


You certainly have a budget for buying a flat based on your financial capability. So, you need information and help from real estate agents or from real estate websites. But you get confused after searching for flat price in Dhaka, flat price in Uttara, etc. You may want a new flat or an old/used one in bd property. You may need to know bti flat price in Dhaka or the price of ready flat in Dhaka. Mr. B helps you find a flat according to your requirements and budget. 


You may not have any idea or may have shortage of ideas about how to complete a legal purchase of a flat. Mr. B is there to guide you in document verification, registration and mutation.  He will himself be the witness to your registration of the flat. So, you can stay relaxed while Mr. B is supervising all your relevant tasks in buying a flat


In Selling Flats:

If you are planning to sell a flat, whether new or old/used, in Dhaka or Chattogram, Mr. B is there to help you.

Usually to sell any new flat, you put ads like- Uttara flat sale, Flat sale in Bashundhara, Flats for sale in Gulshan, Flat sale in Mirpur, Flats for sale in Dhanmondi, Banani flat sale, Banasree flat sale, Ready flat for sale in Mohammadpur, Flat for sale in Mirpur DOHS, Flats for sale in Dhaka, Flat for sale in Chittagong/Chattogram, etc.

To sell any old or used flat, you put ads like- Used flat sale in Mirpur Dhaka, Used flat for sale in Dhanmondi, Used flat sale in Uttara, etc. To sell your flat on urgency, you put ads like- Urgent flat sale in Dhanmondi, Emergency flat sale in Bashundhara, Urgent used flat sale in Uttara, etc. But even then you may not reach out to your prospective buyer. In such a critical context, you can call just Mr. B, and he will take the responsibility to find out the prospective buyer.


For selling your flat at the right price, you may need to know proper assessment of it based on the area/locality, age/time and the amenities there. But you may not have the information regarding them. If you want to sell a flat in Uttara, before selling, you obviously need to know the current flat price in Uttara. As a seller you should also have ideas on ready flat sell in Dhaka. If you cannot make the proper assessment of the price, Mr. B will help you in the assessment by surveying the area of your flat, analyzing all the facts and negotiating with the prospective buyer and you. Not only that, Mr. B will also help you in document processing (e.g. sale permission) regarding the sale of your apartment. 


In Renting Flats: 

Most of the people in cities like Dhaka live in rented flats and houses. They often need to change homes due to various needs and urgencies.  In city life, people are busy with their office work and family affairs, and so they do not have enough time and patience to find out a flat for rent according to their family needs. If you are also looking for any to-let in Dhaka, room rent in Dhaka, flat for rent in Dhaka, flats for rent, rooms to rent, then  Mr. B is there to help you rent an appropriate flat for you. 


In Letting Flats:   

Many landowners and developers build houses and rent out/let flats to prospective tenants. Many house-owners and flat-owners also rent out their flats to tenants. But finding out a trustworthy tenant is not always an easy task. Tenants, willing to rent a flat, know about flats from various ads like- Bashundhara flat rent, Uttara house rent, Flat rent in Uttara, Flat rent in Dhanmondi, Flat rent in Dhaka, House rent in Dhanmondi, Home rent in Dhaka, Flats for rent, Rooms to rent, etc. Then they contact the home-owner to rent it. But as the owner cannot always trust a prospective tenant for reliability and financial security, he/she (homeowner) needs a trustworthy real estate agent or broker to deal with such issues for him/her. Besides, fixing the right rent or price also matters to him/her. If you are facing such problems in letting your flat, please, call Mr. B for assistance. He will find you the prospective tenant for it.    


Mr. B, the representative of bti Brokerage, provides hassle-free services in dealing with property related issues like buying, selling, renting or letting flats. He is ready to give you full assistance and support to meet your real estate requirements in this regard. Therefore, you should not be worried about the required property related services anymore. Mr. B is always there at your service. Just call 16604 or WhatsApp 01755662414 to get property related assistance and services from Mr. B

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