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bti has been a leading real estate company in Bangladesh for almost four decades. As such, the experience, vibrant history, and its repertoire with customers has allowed bti to become a brand you can trust. With that in mind, backed by customer satisfaction and quality service, we launched bti Brokerage, a new solution to all your real estate problems. Whether you want to buy a flat, or rent a commercial space, or sell used apartments, bti Brokerage can cover everything for you. If you are a buyer or seller, the services provided will fan away all your worries!

Since bti Brokerage has set sail in the Bangladesh real estate business, it has won the hearts of buyers. We have a diverse collection of properties in Dhaka as well as Chittagong for our customers. Thus, you can choose your property according to your tastes, needs, and budget. You can look for projects under construction, or brand new apartments and even a used flat for sale in Dhaka. We will help you with that process.

Our team performs their duties with utmost diligence, particularly in the case of documents. bti Brokerage ensures that all property related documents are authentic, and provides legal counseling as well. In fact, any support regarding existing legal disputes, sale deeds, drafting agreements, and other legal papers, is given to the customers. If anything in the documents is not genuine, we will not go through with the deal.

When you are looking for a commercial or residential space, you will consider the quality of the building materials used, the design, interiors, and you will have questions. bti Brokerage provides free inspection of properties on your behalf to tell you exactly what you are getting for your money! Our professional Sales team will help you visit projects and also give you a suitable price range based on construction quality, location, facilities, and other features. 

We also provide excellent after sales service! From registration, home loan solutions to home shifting, all your needs can be covered by bti Brokerage. For example, if you have finally decided to buy a flat but cannot pay the entire money, we can arrange home loans for you through our bank partners based on your eligibility. Once you want to move to your new home, we can give you a helping hand in shifting your things. If, for any reason, you want to rent your newly bought apartment instead of shifting to it, we can help you in that regard as well. We can also help you in interior design and landscaping of your new home. 

For those who want to sell or put their properties out for rent, bti Brokerage is home to a large customer base looking for potential properties. Sellers can instantly post details about their property on our website, after which our professional team can connect with you and help you out. The huge database means both buyers and sellers have a variety to choose from and can also use the network to reach out to more people.

Bangladesh’s real estate sector often had to deal with scammers and fraud. However, amidst this chaos, bti rose from the ashes as a trusted and reliable company. Thus, our Brokerage services are meant to relay exactly that. Being one of the top real estate companies in Dhaka and Chittagong, when dealing with properties, we perform thorough screening of buyers. We only deal with genuinely interested buyers, so those who want to sell or rent their properties can remain worry free. If you are looking to put up residential or commercial space for rent in Dhaka and Chittagong, our team will generously help you find the right customers so that you can avoid fraud.

As a part of maintaining customer trust at heart, our legal team ensures that all documents are authentic before any deal is finalized by the seller. For an individual person, fixing the price of a property is quite a challenge, but as we are an experienced company with market value knowledge, we can help you fix a price that is convenient for both the buyer and seller. bti Brokerage can direct your property targeting the right customers, both in its existing database and among potential buyers. Through us you can easily promote your property through any platform, whether it is offline or online. With our professional team, you can expect proper financial safeguarding. Your property will not be handed over before registration and full payment are complete. 

With almost four decades of real estate experience, bti has become the leading real estate of Bangladesh, and we hope to serve the nation with utmost dedication from our end. bti Brokerage is a part of that effort and vision, which is to provide viable housing solutions to all segments of the society. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transaction between both the buyer and seller, and take whatever means necessary. The best part is that both the buyer and seller can rely on our professional team for all kinds of problems, so there is no need for them to run around to different lawyers, government offices, or spend days waiting. We get work done efficiently and with care. Your days of worrying about property are over with bti Brokerage. 

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