5 Must Do’s Before Selling Your Old Home

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While your family is excitedly planning to install new fixtures for your new flat, you realize it is time to list your home for sale. Trying to sell your old home on your own is futile unless you take a planned approach to it. Follow a few simple steps and make it easier for your buyer to see the highlights of your home and sell your old property in just a few days.

Clean and Repair  

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This is the first and foremost step to take when making your house ready for sale. The importance of a clean house cannot be overstated; you have to clean your house inside and out. It’s high time you got rid of your old stuff that you stored up until now thinking you might need it at some point. Remove all unnecessary and unwanted items; organize cabinets, closets, and drawers. Divide the necessary items and send them to your new flat and store the old items.

Make the necessary repairs; replace old lights with new ones, fix broken windows, and cover any drilled holes.  

Paint the Walls

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Choose soft and neutral colors to repaint your walls. Colors such as off-white, beige, light shades of pink and yellow will make your rooms look brighter and bigger.  

Contact the Right Broker

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 You possibly cannot attract the potential buyers on your own. Hence, it is time for you to contact a broker who will make the whole process of selling your property easy for you. Brokers tend to have a large client database from where they can easily sort out potential buyers who might be looking for a home in your location. Seeking help from a legal broker will allow you to relax and remain stress-free. Taking into consideration the cost price of your home, the location, the renovation expenses, and price analysis, they will be able to suggest an accurate asking price. Moreover, professional brokers will provide legal services to draft all the necessary documents on your behalf. Hence, the entire process can be done and over with in a legal and hassle-free manner without you stressing too much over it.

Extra Attention

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Pay extra attention to your kitchens and washrooms. A lot of buyers check out the kitchen before visiting the rooms. Make sure to fix faucets and basins. Clean your windows inside and outside; this allows more light in and makes your room look brighter.

Best Features

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Brokers unanimously agree that room design and house facing are the two most important factors to win over a buyer. South facing houses with sufficient airflow, and room designs that optimize space win over buyer’s hearts instantly. Construction of the flat, location of the apartment, light and airflow, bedroom space, modern fittings, and kitchen, are factors the buyer is most likely to observe keenly. Keeping these factors in mind, take steps that bring out the best features of your house. Remove cooking pans, old spare clothes from visible places, and hide trash bins. Water your potted plants so that they look fresh. Clean and fresh rooms create an incredibly positive impact on your buyers.  

Special tip: For some added freshness, use a mild air freshener right before your potential buyer drops by. If you don’t like a citrus smell, you may go for a vanilla aroma. Put a few drops of vanilla essence on a cooking sheet and put it in the oven for a few minutes. This way your house will have a natural vanilla fragrance and stay that way for hours.   

Following these steps will let you make a great impression on your potential buyers. Who knows, you might get your old home sold even before you finish moving into your new flat!

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