Mirpur : A Blessing for Prospective Homeowners


Mirpur is one of the oldest thanas of Dhaka, established in 1962. It covers the north-east portion of Dhaka, split into two major areas, which are Mirpur Model Thana and Mirpur DOHS. Recently, Mirpur also incorporated the Pallabi, Shah Ali, and Kafrul thanas. It might seem like any other area of Dhaka, but deep within lies its extraordinary wonders. 

Mirpur has always been a timeless favorite for those seeking affordable homes, and now it is developing fast into a mega residential hub thanks to the ongoing Metro Rail and Elevated Expressway construction. New buildings are teeming amongst old traditional buildings, changing the skyline of Mirpur forever. However, recently, population influx in Mirpur was noticed, especially during the pandemic. Why are people moving into Mirpur all of a sudden? We have identified plenty of reasons that make Mirpur one of the most promising areas to live in. 


Connectivity and Choice

The best part about Mirpur is that you can go anywhere in Dhaka from here. This is true especially because of the wide range of transport available here. Buses, rickshaws, minivans, and CNGs allow people to go anywhere. Direct buses are available to farther areas such as Uttara, Farmgate, Savar, and Badda etc. Shyamoli, Pallabi, Mohammadpur, and Dhanmondi are within easy reach. You have a greater window of choice here and decide on any mode of transport for commuting. When the Metro Rail starts operations, several of its stations will be situated in Mirpur. There will be stations in Mirpur 10, Mirpur 11, Pallabi, Kazipara, and Shewrapara.


Reputed Names Within Reach

You will find the biggest points of interest and institutions here. The Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, National Botanical Garden, the Dhaka Zoo, the Intellectual Memorial, and Taka Museum are here. Benaroshi Palli, the hub of Mirpur banarasi sarees and wedding attires attract many customers from all over Dhaka. The Bangladesh University of Professionals and Bangladesh University of Business and Technology have there campuses here. Notable historical schools and colleges are also located here, including Bangla College, Dhaka Commerce College, Monipur High School and College, Scholastica Mirpur Senior Campus etc. Mirpur is also home to renowned hospitals such as the Bangladesh Eye Hospital, National Heart Foundation Hospital, Kidney Foundation Hospital, etc. It is not surprising that for these reasons, many families choose to live in Mirpur. 



The biggest factor is affordability. Almost all areas in Dhaka have experienced an exponential increase in prices of apartments. Lifestyles in general are becoming more expensive in Dhaka, but the price hike in Mirpur has been quite moderate. Mirpur still has affordable options of housing, and homeowners are taking advantage of this situation. Vast number of developments are taking place in and around Mirpur DOHS, which means that this is just a phase. By the time construction of Metro Rail is complete and these developments are finished, there will be a massive influx of people moving in here. People are already buying apartments now as an investment for the future. Mirpur will soon become a top choice for those who want to buy apartments. Buying an apartment in Mirpur within the next few years will be quite pricey at that point.

Although these are the top three reasons for people wanting to live in Mirpur, there are other possible reasons. For example, house rent is cheaper here, and since all facilities and daily amenities are within reach, people of Mirpur do not need to go anywhere else, unless it is for commuting to their offices or going out of Dhaka. The Mirpur you know is geared to change. Now is the time to be a part of that change.

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