Going Home for Eid Vacation? Keep your Home Safe in 7 Easy Steps

The last time we went for a vacation and forgot to turn off our TV connection, a rumble of thunder struck and spoilt our cable connection. The consequence? It took us weeks to find a mechanic who could fix it, and it costed a fortune to fix.  Years of going home for Eid has prepped me to come up with preemptive measures to safeguard my sweet abode which you may do before leaving for your vacation.

Turn Off All Gas Connections & Electronic Gadgets

Check your ovens and kitchen stove to make sure that you have turned off the gas connection. You don’t want to waste all that energy, or burn down your home, or come back home to a sky-high gas bill. Unplug routers, telephones, TV. connections, computers, etc.

Wash Dishes and Clean Rooms

If your family is anything like mine, you want to start your journey early while it’s still dawn. Make sure you wash the dishes after eating seheri because when you come back home after a week you don’t want your unwashed dishes to gather mold. Leave your home as clean as possible because when we come back from vacations the last thing we want to see is the repulsive sight of a dirty home. Defrost any fruits or vegetables that have been left outside.

Check Taps for Water Leakage

Tightly close off the lid of all water taps in washrooms and sinks so that you don’t find yourself in a pool when you come back home.

Jewelry and Documents

For an added security, you may keep your jewelry and other valuables in the locker.

Water your Plants

Strategically place your plants away from the sun so that they can retain moisture for long hours. Water them overnight and again right before you leave the house. Or you can also leave them right outside your doorstep and ask your neighbor to water the plants on your behalf.

Don’t Forget your Pets

If you have pets, leave them with someone else and make sure they are taken care of.

Lock Carefully

Carefully shut off all windows and balcony doors. Before leaving take that spare key just for backup and lock carefully.

Special-tip: Don’t forget to cancel your newspaper subscription for a week. Unless you’re going to spend a whole day reading the news that you missed for a week, there is no purpose of all that extra newspaper piling up right inside your door.

Last but not least, drink enough water and stay hydrated. Pack light iftar in case you can’t reach your destination on time. Have lots of fun this Eid! Eid Mubarak!

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