A Definitive Guide to Dhanmondi


Dhanmondi is considered one of the most elite residential neighborhoods in Dhaka. It started out strictly as a residential area for politicians, businessmen, and influential people in the 1950s but it went through several developmental phases. Now it is also a burgeoning commercial hub, giving opportunities to people from all walks of life. People of Dhanmondi need not go anywhere else since every daily convenience is close by. If you want to be a part of the trendy life that Dhanmondi offers, you have to be well-versed about every nook and alley. Read on to find out what Dhanmondi is truly made of!


A Connection Between Old and New

Although Dhanmondi is a multipurpose area with an unlimited number of homes and commercial spaces, you will still find a mystical resemblance to the old charms of Dhaka. Dhanmondi is just moments away from New Market, one of the oldest known shopping localities of Dhaka, and the legendary Dhaka College opposite New Market. It is also connected to Mohammadpur, also an older neighborhood of Dhaka, via Satmasjid Road. What used to be a simple road to the architectural glory of the Sat Masjid is now a road with a string of restaurants, famous shopping malls, showrooms and the famous landmarks of Abahani Sports Ground and Dhanmondi Lake right beside it. Dhanmondi Lake hosts the Rabindra Sorobor, a lakeside amphitheater for cultural and festive events. The Bangabandhu Memorial Museum in Dhanmondi 32 used to be the Father of the Nation’s Residence back in the day. It is now a remnant of our country’s valiant past. Dhanmondi Lake is where you will notice people of all ages enjoying nature, exercising together, or delving into fast food. Flat rent in Dhanmondi is extremely expensive especially around the lake, comparable to Gulshan and Banani prices. 


A Blend of Everything

Another thing about Dhanmondi that did not change over the decades is its accessibility, convenience and connectivity. It has routes towards all parts of Dhaka. Jhigatola, Hazaribagh, Green Road, Kalabagan, Rayerbazar, Sankar, Zafrabad, Lalmatia, and Hatirpool are all nearby and host an incredible number of facilities used by Dhanmondi residents. Dhanmondi itself boasts of a staggering number of institutions that offer residents everyday necessities. Dhanmondi 2 holds all the popular hospitals and restaurants, along with the BGB headquarters, Agora, and the STAR Cineplex cinema hall at the end of the road. From then on Satmasjid Road begins and proceeds through Dhanmondi 2/A, 3/A, 4/A, and 5/A until Anam Rangs Plaza Shopping Mall, with plenty of grocery stores in between. The numbers and letters indicate residential areas next to the lake. The opposite of the lake has numbered roads corresponding to these areas. Dhanmondi 2, 3, 4, and 5 all have renowned hospitals, showrooms, shopping malls, and academic institutions sparsely spread out in between homes within their vicinity. After Anam Rangs Plaza you can witness the Dhanmondi Eidgah mosque situated in Dhanmondi 7/A. The road ends at Rabindra Sorobor, but if you cross the nearby bridge you can easily continue on Road 7 and head to Dhanmondi Lake Park and Kalabagan.


A Niche For Commercial Activities

Dhanmondi 8/A has a more commercial vibe compared to the areas mentioned before. From this point onwards you will notice that the number of restaurants and hospitals start to dramatically increase. Dhanmondi 9/A, Dhanmondi 10/A, and Dhanmondi 11/A are popular spots for the youth to hangout. If you move away from Satmasjid Road and proceed to the lake via these roads you will see a plethora of English medium schools such as Lakehead and Sunnydale and also cultural institutions. The Dhanmondi Womens’ Sports Complex and swimming pool is at the end of these roads. Dhanmondi 12/A and 13/A graze by the Abahani playground and leads to the Dhanmondi 32 bridge. You can head to Shukrabad and Sobhanbag after visiting the Memorial. Dhanmondi 15/A is also another commercial spot oozing with hospitals, banks, and restaurants. At the end of Satmasjid Road lies Sankar. Moving past this point will lead you to Mohammadpur and Lalmatia, and it is a clear end of Dhanmondi. Going right you can stroll across the Dhanmondi 27 Road and come across another round of shopping malls, business centers, restaurants, etc. 

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