5 Checks before Renting


Urban cities of Bangladesh are assumed to offer limitless scope for growth. People coming from different regions pursue finer education, a higher standard of living and better job opportunities. When thinking about shifting alone or along with family, the facilities offered by a city is a prior concern. In such cases, renting is the most reasonable option. However, tenants often fail to take into consideration the possible barriers or blocks they might face once they move into their temporary homes.

To make things easier, Mr. B from bti brokerage highlights 5 simple checks to keep in mind before renting:


Kitchen installations

Kitchens are the heart of any home. From the eldest member seeking the perfectly satisfying cup of tea to the youngest one looking for delightful treats, kitchens have an array of attractions for the entire household.Therefore, the placement, layout and height of kitchen cabinets should be looked into. In short, kitchen cabinets should be sectioned according to the users’ requirements. Another major factor is the stove’s gas connection as fire hazards have become increasingly alarming in recent years.  Mr. B’s advice is to check the gas pipelines and cylinder connection system as a safety measure.


Bathrooms fittings and functional faucets

The second most important thing to check as per Mr. B is the proper functionality of bathroom fittings and fixtures. Today’s fast-paced world has turned every individual into impatient competitors and success seekers. Time is money, dealing with leaky sink pipes or broken toilet levers is an unnecessary glitch! It is crucial to scan through all corners before renting from the bathroom bar to faucet placement, ventilation system, and even uninformed drain clogs.


Long-lasting floor and wall finishes

Bangladesh maps on the tropical region, which means the weather conditions are often high in temperature and humidity. Therefore, the longevity standard of the wall finishes depends on the surrounding environment. When it comes to floor type selection, a lighter tone with mould-free finishing should be considered over others. Mr. B advises checking the current age and structure of your chosen renting options carefully.


Seek out subtle decorative elements

People have different reasons to relocate. Some prioritize location and some are jumbled with savings and budget. Therefore, many end up renting ordinary homes. Window frames and light fittings are necessities within a household but they can also work as accessories to upgrade the look of your rented home. Bigger windows bring in more natural light. The standard lighting fixture can give it a modern theme or an aristocratic look. Simple yet sophisticated switchboards can also add a subtle hint of style. Mr. B reminds you not to overlook these basic cosmetic elements which can make your rented home more inviting.


Respect and be considerate

Knowing the details of the policies by heart can help tenants stay one step ahead. Remember, every neighbourhood has its share of rules and responsibilities, and to be a valuable addition to that area, one needs to earn trust and establish healthy boundaries. According to Mr. B, a tenant must keep a positive approach towards their potential landlord. They should avoid delayed payments, lend a hand of help when required and above all, solve any misunderstanding which can lead to bigger complications.

All in all, Mr. B concludes that renting decisions should be made upon keen analysis and ethical values.

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