Live The Dream by Rentvesting


In a period of economic recession, many are unsure about investing in properties for fear of making the wrong move. Pursuing improved living has become quite difficult in recent days. An investment strategy called ‘rentvesting’ has now become a popular option. Aspiring millennials and gen Z looking to become early homeowners endorse it, and so do we.  At this point, you must be wondering what ‘rentvesting’ is. Let us dive into the concept of ‘rentvesting’ and get acquainted with its merits and benefits.

The term ‘rentvesting’ came from a combination of the words ‘rent’ and ‘investing’. ‘Rentvesting’ refers to purchasing a property or properties in low-cost areas and rent it out to earn passive income. The money earned is then used to sustain a lifestyle in urban areas like Dhaka.  Rentvesting solves the ever-growing crisis of city-centricity. Governments around the world are already offering incentives to encourage the concept. Rentvesters achieve two things this way:

  1. Early homeownership of single or many properties
  2. The income generated from these properties supports and even enhances their current lifestyle.


Why Rentvesting?


One of the many benefits of ‘rentvesting’ is that you don’t have to sacrifice your current standard of living. For example, you want to live in Gulshan or any other ‘posh’ part of the metropolis, but you can’t afford your dream living standard. You can buy an investment property in a suburb or in lower-price regions and put it on rent. The income from the property will help you pay your rent in Gulshan and even bear more expenses of your dream lifestyle. Your lifestyle may stay the same and even get better.

‘Rentvesting’ will help you become the owner of a property sooner, giving you with a sense of fulfillment. You can opt for rentvesting even if you do not have full cash funds to buy a property. Several institutions offer home loans that allow you to buy affordable housing. The government has many incentives in place to encourage people to buy low-cost homes. By practicing ‘rentvesting’ with your available financial capacity you will be able to buy and own a property. The earlier you own an investment property, the more money you will earn by leveraging your property. That income can pay off your home loans and other side expenses.


Best Investment Option? YES.


The recent tumultuous economic condition in Bangladesh suggests that banks and other financial institutions might go to bankruptcy. In this unfavorable scenario, choosing an investment option is not as easy as it used to be few years back. A rental property is still a lucrative and more secured option than its high-risk counterparts. The value of property always tends to be on the rise in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, property and land values over the past 2 decades escalated- approximately a 720% increase in the price of flats and a 2,750% increase in the price of land. This indicates that you will get substantial benefit by selling property after some years as well.

‘Rentvesting’ is perfect for young people who are determined to get their dream homes despite limitations. In a nutshell, ‘rentvesting’ is the answer when you are planning to live your dream life with the current financial ability you have along with owning a property for a lifetime.

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