Flats for Sale in Dhaka: With us find a Home Wherever you Desire!

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With your evolving housing needs, we will find you a shelter that will lovingly protect you for years to come. bti Brokerage is a trusted platform where buyers, sellers and renters all over Dhaka can connect to find the best solution to their property needs. So if you are worried about finding a sweet home for yourself, or selling and renting your property, wipe your worries away! We have got a selection of the finest homes in the city, in every corner! From on-going or brand new homes- we have a huge pool of properties! That includes used homes too, so with us you will find a home that you desire. Just read through and find your safe haven!

Dhanmondi: A Serene Residential Zone for Everyone

Dhanmondi is prominently known for the beautiful, evergreen Dhanmondi Lake. It is symbolic of the serene pleasure that the location offers its residents, that doesn’t fail to mesmerize the passersby. Moreover, it’s also a cultural hub with great recreational spots like the sensational RabindraSarabor, and shopping malls like Rapa Plaza, Shimanto Square and more provide the residents with the finest, upgraded products. Reputed schools, hospitals and banks all surround the area, so there is no need for one to travel any further to acquire great civic facilities. If you are looking for a flat for sale in Dhaka, specifically Dhanmondi, look no further! Through bti Brokerage you can explore a 1741 sft. beautiful home in Green Road that offers a plethora of amenities.

Our range spans to Zigatola too, where we are offering 1792 sft. homes.. You can also opt for a bigger home in Dhanmondi 11/A- who doesn’t love the facilities close to 11/A? Here we have 2450 & 2850 sft. homes, so pick yours and enjoy the elegance of Dhanmondi from these lovely homes!

Just in case you are looking for used flat for sale in Dhanmondi, we got that covered too! We got cozy 1620 sft. homes at 9/A! 9/A is a nice, quiet zone just a step away from the bustling Sat Mosjid Road. If you want a bigger space for your family, we have 3161 sft, homes situated in 12/A. Road 12/A grants you the open Abahoni Fields, so you can just step out and take a walk in the morning breeze!

Bashundhara: A Prestigious Hub of Peaceful Homes

Bashundhara might just be the right spot for your quest to find a flat for sale in Dhaka. In Bangladesh’s real estate market, Bashundhara residential area map covers some of the loveliest homes. In Block D of the area, we bringyou a marvelous 2480 sft. home. This home gives you access to the exciting lifestyle of Bashundhara, while keeping you nestled in its peacefulness. In Block D, you may also want to settle in a stunning 1929 sft. abode. This beautiful home offers great value for money, that too in a prestigious area!

Your search for ready flat for sale in Bashundhara may not stop here! For your more humble needs, the area meets your requirements.You can pick a smaller, cozier home of 1500 sft. in Block C. It can easily be the perfect choice for a small family to grow and live in such a posh area. And if your family has just begun its journey, and is looking for a small flat for sale in Dhaka, or more specifically used flat for sale in Dhaka, we know just the right home! It is a lovely 1003 sft. home situated in Block B, just where a newlywed couple may start their beautiful journey! Hopefully these will fulfill all your desires of finding apartments for sale in Bashundhara.

Mirpur: A Hidden Gem in the Bangladesh Real Estate Market

Mirpur is underestimated by people with the misconception of it being too crowded and back dated. Little do they know, that housing in Dhaka, Bangladesh has many competitive homes in Mirpur. Finding the right flat for sale in Mirpur, Dhaka can be a bit tough, so let us sort it out for you!

In Mazar Road we offer 1300 sft. homes that will provide you with great access to all kinds of civic facilities. Mazar Road is well connected to the locations nearby, and it can allow you a weekend getaway away from the busy Dhaka. A little bigger, 1429 sft. homes might be your best choice if you have a small, tight-knit family. It is situated in Pirerbag with seamless access to the new Mirpur 60 feet road, which is a growing hub of exciting restaurants, good schools and medical services.

Situated in Road 12 of Mirpur Block C, we have 1683 sft. homes that are adorned with modern amenities. In the same size we have used homes in that block too. If you are looking for used flat for sale in Mirpur, Dhaka, you got it! Some of the more used flats for sale in Dhaka include homes in Mirpur Block A and Kazipara. The latter offers 1075 and 1087sft. apartments- both used and new!

However, if your needs have more restrictions, and you are looking for a small flat for sale in Dhaka that is not necessarily new, you can take a look at Paikpara’s lovely dwellings . These cozy little 761 and 937 sft. homes will serve all your modern needs perfectly, without having to spend in a bigger home that you don’t need.

And not to mention, once you select your desired abode, we will take care of all your other concerns, including home-shifting services! A truly hassle-free solution, isn’t it?

Hopefully your hunt for a flat for sale in Dhaka will be facilitated by this read! Good luck!

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